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Leaf Brands, LLC Acquires Wacky Wafers™ and Bonkers!™ Trademarks

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Irvine, CA (PRWEB) March 06, 2012

Leaf Brands® LLC, the candy manufacturer known for bringing back the classic rocket pop, Astro Pops® and also known for launching the popular candy products, Farts Candy™ and David’s Signature Beyond Gourmet™ jelly beans, has acquired both the Wacky Wafers™ and Bonkers!™ trademarks with plans to reintroduce the classic brands back into the market by the end of 2012.

According to Leaf Brands CEO Ellia Kassoff, “Similar to our acquisition of Astro Pops®, we plan to bring back both Wacky Wafers™ and Bonkers!™ in the next six months with the goal of bringing back both nostalgic candy brands just like fans remember. Both Wacky Wafers™ and Bonkers!™ are such iconic, classic candies and we can’t wait to bring these confectionery favorites back to their loyal fans.”

Wacky Wafers™ were circular pressed, tart, candy pieces shaped like an American half-dollar, and originally manufactured by the The Willy Wonka Candy Company®. They were available in many different flavors such as banana, green apple, blue razzberry, grape, cherry, watermelon, orange and strawberry. Wacky Wafers™ were discontinued after Nestle® purchased the Willy Wonka® brand in the early 2000s and changed their strategy.

Bonkers!™, popular candies made by Nabisco® in the 1980s and 1990s until they were discontinued, were rectangular shaped candies with a fruity outside and a flavorful fruity center filling. Flavors included grape, orange, strawberry, watermelon and chocolate. Many fondly remember the product most for its series of television commercials where one or more apparently, uptight characters would take one bite of a Bonkers! candy, and a giant fruit or bunch of grapes would fall from above and knock them into hysterical laughter.

“Our plan is to bring back both Bonkers! and Wacky Wafers by the end of 2012. Leaf’s major goal is to make sure the products are the same as consumers remember them before they left the market, but that can take some time,” says Kassoff.

Leaf’s strategy is to rebuild one of the largest candy companies in the US, through brand acquisition and develop new and fun candies for people to enjoy. Leaf plans to resurrect the old brands in their original form, and then expand the product lines once the product is launched.


About Leaf Brands®, LLC: The original LEAF Brands® was started in the 1920's. LEAF Brands, once the fourth largest candy producer in North America, produced candy classics such as Whoppers®, Jolly Rancher® and Rain Blo Bubblegum®, which were later sold to Hershey® Chocolate & Confectionary Corporation in the late 1990's. Family members have acquired the LEAF brand name for the US, and assembled together to revive the Leaf name and its famous image. Products include Astro Pops®, Yummers!™, Farts Candy™ and David’s Signature Beyond Gourmet™ products.

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