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Genders Drastically Clash Over How They Would Spend More Free Time, National Great Clips Survey Reveals

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Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) February 20, 2012

The bedroom is the first place both men and women would go if they had more free time in a day. The catch - men go there for sex, women for sleep. In a survey, Great Clips, the first ever hair salon brand to introduce time saving online check-in, asked 316 Americans how they would spend 15 minutes of more time in a day. Fifteen minutes is important to Great Clips because Online Check-in has trimmed average haircut wait times by 15 minutes to five minutes or less, giving customers 15 more minutes of time in a day.

1. Survey recipients were given a list of options and asked to choose what they would do with 15 minutes of extra time in a day.
The #1 choice for most women is sleep (Ranked #1 by nearly 1 in 4 women, 24%)

  • Most Often Ranked in The Top 5 were Sleep, Clean (organizing closets, dust baseboards, mop floors), Read, Watch TV and Exercise.
  • Have Sex was lower on the list after Sit There and Do Nothing with No Disturbances and Cook.

The #1 choice for most men is have sex(Ranked #1 by 28% of men)

  • Most Often Ranked in the Top 5 were Have Sex , Sleep, Listen to Music, Exercise, Sit There and Do Nothing with No Disturbances

2. When survey recipients were given a list and asked to rank the 3 most annoying time wasters of their spouses/significant others:
The #1 choice for women as the most annoying time waster of their spouse/significant other is play video games

  • Most often Ranked as the Top Choice is Play Video Games, Work Too Much and Do Nothing (Tie) and Zone in front of the TV

The #1 choice for men as the most annoying time waster of their spouse/significant other is primp and get ready

  • Most often Ranked as the Top Choice is Primp and Get Ready, Complain/Whine/Stress, and Stare at a Closet Full of Clothes and Whine “I have nothing to wear.”

3. When Both Men and Women were asked to rank the Most Annoying Time Waster in Your Own Life?
Most often ranked as the Top Choices:
#1) Being Placed on Hold
#2) Waiting In Line
#3) Traffic

4. When both men and women were asked What Do You Want More of? and asked to pick one from Time, Money, Sleep, Exercise and Sex:
Respondents Chose:
#1) Money (70%)
#2) Time (13%)
#3) Sleep (9%)
#4) Exercise (8%)
#5) Sex (0%)
None chose sex (0%)

“In all our research, in focus group after focus group, we heard that today’s busy families are stressed out, exhausted and short on time – and today time is money,” says Rhoda Olsen, CEO of Great Clips. “We had to figure out a way to cut wait times and give our customers more free time to have fun and do the things they love to do. Online check-in allows people to check in from their desks or from their smart phones so when they get to the salon they have little or no wait and have more time.”

Other survey findings:

  • 87% of respondents say they would use a technology that kept them from waiting in lines at retail stores if it saved them 15 minutes waiting for an appointment.
  • When a retail business makes them wait more than 15 minutes:
  •     63%say it shows bad customer service and a lack of respect for their time
  •     52% of respondents say they don’t go back and take their business elsewhere
  •     48% say they assume the business is poorly managed
  •     Only 19% say they get annoyed with the people in line with them.
  • 9 out of 10 respondents (93%) said a reasonable amount of time to wait at a retail business is 5 – 10 minutes or less.
  • 2 out of 3 respondents say they would use a check-in or download app that saved their place in line at a retail business.

Editor’s Note: Please cite Great Clips Online Check-in as the source for this survey.
This online survey was done by a third party, commissioned by Great Clips Online Check- In.
The survey included 316 respondents, 172 female and 144 male (ages 30 -55). Full survey data available upon request.

About Great Clips, Inc.
Great Clips, Inc. was established in 1982 in Minneapolis. Today, Great Clips has more than 3,100 salons throughout the United States and Canada, making it the world’s largest salon brand. Great Clips salons employ nearly 30,000 stylists who receive ongoing training to learn advanced skills and the latest trends. Make Great Clips your choice for value-priced, high-quality haircare for men, women and children. No appointments needed, and salons are open nights and weekends. And, it’s more convenient than ever with Great Clips’ Online Check-In. To check-in online, visit or download the app for Android and iPhone. For more information about Great Clips, Inc. or to find a location near you, visit

About Great Clips’ Online Check-In
Great Clips’ Online Check-In feature is powered by ICS Net Check In™, a patent-pending, internet-based technology platform developed by Innovative Computer Software. Online Check-in allows customers to remotely log in from a computer or smart phone and view the estimated wait time at surrounding salons. Consumers can click the “check in” icon to add their name to the list at the Great Clips salon of their choice, and by the time they arrive they are likely next or almost next in line – saving precious time they might have spent waiting in the lobby for their haircut.


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