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Author Reveals How to Live a Lifestyle that Helps Resolve Environmental Issues in New Book

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Champaign, IL (PRWEB) January 11, 2012

Today’s modern lifestyle has created environmental problems. But, according to Richard Jurin, author of the forthcoming "Principles of Sustainability" (Human Kinetics, January 2012), most people are unaware of how expectations and thinking have created most of the processes that lead to these problems. “Rather than simply realize that we have created unintended consequences because of our choices, we believe that all we need to do is rethink the technology that we use—in essence, all we need to do is ‘go green,’” says Jurin, an associate professor in the College of Natural and Health Sciences at the University of Northern Colorado and an expert in sustainable living. “While that is part of the solution, we need to understand how long-term consequences of our thinking are the primary problem.”

One of these long-term consequences is technology, on which Jurin says society has become too dependent. “While we can imagine a sustainable future, it seems we are trapped in a historically derived worldview that we can control nature by promoting technology as a solution for everything,” Jurin says. “We should realize just how technology enslaves our thinking and how faulty assumptions are what hinder our real progress toward sustainable solutions.”

Jurin believes consumerism also prohibits sustainable living because the system is set up to produce vast amounts of pollution in order to supply consumers with cheap and plentiful products that marketers convince them they need. “A good standard of living with comfort and luxury is great, but it should also encompass a quality that makes life wonderful and healthy and not one of stress and fear of the future where the environment in which we live is continually degraded,” Jurin says.

In "Principles of Sustainability," Jurin explores the mind-sets that have created a modern, consumer-based world and exposes environmental and societal global problems. He offers new ways of thinking, championing sustainable thinking as a prerequisite for living a vibrant life that benefits the planet, and details positive options for living a sustainable lifestyle.

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