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Press Release

Indigo Buyers Offer Canadians The G-20 Essential Reading List

Canada NewsWire

TORONTO, June 11 /CNW/ - The buyers at Indigo Books & Music Inc. have compiled a comprehensive G-20 Essential Reading List to offer Canadians a better understanding of the issues and discussions shaping the global economic summit being hosted in Toronto, Canada later this month. From the gifted writing of Michael Lewis in The Big Short to Dambisa Moyo's controversial Dead Aid, the cross section of authors and theorists featured on the G-20 Essential Reading List offer an informative assortment of political and economic perspectives.

"Our team of buyers have selected an assortment of titles that may help contextualize the complexity of the G-20 Summit," said Bahram Olfati, Vice President, Adult Trade, Indigo Books & Music Inc. "The diverse perspectives from acclaimed writers that we've brought forward resonate with Canadians because their books provide background on the current socio-economic situation while helping us to better understand the world around us."

The G-20, comprised of finance ministers and central bank governors representing both advanced and emerging economies from all regions of the globe, meet in Toronto on June 26 and 27, 2010. Founded in 1999, the G-20 began as a forum to discuss global economic issues and has since evolved into the premier leaders' forum for international economic cooperation. Through Indigo's G-20 Essential Reading List Canadians can discover more about navigating the issues, influences and deliberations of this year's Summit and the current global economic situation.

About Indigo Books & Music Inc.

Indigo is a publicly traded Canadian company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (IDG). As the largest book and specialty retailer in Canada, Indigo operates in all provinces under different banners including Indigo Books & Music; Indigo Books, Gifts, Kids; IndigoSpirit, Chapters, The World's Biggest Bookstore, and Coles. The online division,, features books, eBooks, toys, music and DVDs, and hosts the award winning Indigo Online Community. Chapters and Indigo are rated as the number one and number two retailers in Canada by the Kubas Major Market Retail Report, and have been on that list since 2000.

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    The Indigo G-20 Essential Reading List

    -  The Black Swan, N Taleb ((ISBN: 9780812973815)
    -  Shock Doctrine, Naomi Klein (ISBN: 9780676978018)
    -  Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell (ISBN: 9780316017923)
    -  Why Your World Is About To Get A Whole Lot Smaller, Jeff Rubin
       (ISBN: 9780307357519)
    -  Fair Country, John Ralston Saul (ISBN: 9780143168423)
    -  Empire Of Illusion, Chris Hedges (ISBN: 9780307398468)
    -  The Next 100 Years, George Friedman (ISBN: 9780767923057)
    -  Super Freakonomics, Levitt Dubner (ISBN: 9781554686087)
    -  Freakonomics, Levitt Dubner (ISBN: 9781554686360)
    -  The 4-Hour Workweek Revised & Expanded, Timothy Ferriss
       (ISBN: 9780307465351)
    -  Hot Flat & Crowded, Thomas L. Friedman (ISBN: 9781553653172)
    -  Panic, Michael Lewis (ISBN: 9780393337983)
    -  Drive, Daniel Pink (ISBN: 9781594488849)
    -  The Big Short, Michael Lewis (ISBN: 9780393072235)
    -  Half The Sky, Nicholas D. Kristof (ISBN: 9780307267146)
    -  Switch, Chip Heath (ISBN: 9780307357274)
    -  Rework, Jason Fried (ISBN: 9780307463746)
    -  The Value Of Nothing, Raj Patel (ISBN: 9781554686223)
    -  Quants, Scott Patterson (ISBN: 9780307453372)
    -  Filthy Lucre, Joseph Heath (ISBN: 9781554683741)
    -  Game Change, John Heilemann (ISBN: 9780061733635)
    -  Living In The End Times, Slavoj Zizek (ISBN: 9781844675982)
    -  The Canadian Century, Brian Lee Crowley (ISBN: 9781554702978)
    -  Crisis Economics, Nouriel Roubini (ISBN: 9781594202506)
    -  More Good News, David Suzuki (ISBN: 9781553654759)
    -  Dead Aid, Dambisa Moyo (ISBN: 9781553655428)
    -  Liar's Poker, Michael Lewis (ISBN: 9780393338690)
    -  Predictably Irrational Revised & Expanded, Dr. Dan Ariely
       (ISBN: 9780061353246)
    -  Bounce, Mathew Syed (ISBN: 9780061723759)
    -  The Upside of Irrationality, Dr. Dan Ariely (ISBN: 9780061995033)
    -  13 Bankers, Simon Johnson (ISBN: 9780307379054)
    -  Plenitude, Juliet Schor (ISBN: 9781594202544)
    -  Accelerating Out Of The Great Recession, David Rhodes
       (ISBN: 9780071718141)
    -  Free, Chris Anderson (ISBN: 9781401310325)
    -  False Economy, Alan Beattie (ISBN: 9780143169420)

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