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Riddle Me This: Artists Salvador Satoshi and Morgan Jesse Lappin Team Up for Crypto Sprint NFT Puzzle Race

As NFTs have taken the art industry by storm, two rising stars team up for a Crypto Sprint! Crypto Sprints are artworks filtered using chaos theory math that fractalizes the images, thus creating short movies that have a kaleidoscope effect.

NEW YORK, NY, April 05, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- As NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have taken the art industry by storm, two rising stars team up for a Crypto Sprint! Salvador Satoshi is the renowned digital artist responsible for creating Crypto-Dash, the first-ever NFT puzzle race that enables consumers to follow riddles, find and purchase unique NFTs, and compete with other participants to solve a large-scale puzzle where the winner gets a percentage of all NFT sales made during the race. Now he partners with Morgan Jesse Lappin, the master of contemporary collage art whose recent NFTs sold in minutes after a repost by Mark Cuban's NFT company, for a special puzzle race with three tiers of puzzles and prizes launching April 9, 2021 on
Crypto Sprints are artworks filtered using chaos theory math that fractalizes the images, thus creating short movies that have a kaleidoscope effect. This distinguishes them from other NFTs which may be simply a still image or audio clip. Similar to fractals that occur in nature, Crypto Sprints allow the image to tell a visual story. Visual art pieces are synched with music to create a nonlinear storytelling format by applying audio reactive techniques in real time.
Players in Satoshi and Lappin's Crypto Sprint race will need to solve three riddles, which are released 6 hours after all editions of the NFTs have sold. This sprint is one of Satoshi's Tier 1 riddles, which hold answers within the original NFT and must be purchased for the player to be eligible to solve the riddles. Satoshi's Tier 2 riddles involve research into public knowledge, and Tier 3 are the hardest riddles as they contain unique cyphers.
On April 9, Satoshi and Lappin will release their initial Sprint for the challenge, entitled Escape from Paradise. Based on Lappin's original 2019 work, depicting a cyclical escape from an idyllic summer getaway. This Tier 1 Sprint is slightly different from past puzzles Satoshi has worked on. This new piece contains riddles for all clues already within the original artwork, and the music in the short film is one of Lappin's original musical scores titled "The Rubber Jerusalem Experiment Theme Song". The winner of the riddles will receive the physical artwork, while all other participants will receive a poster signed by Lappin.
"Escape from Paradise is perfect as a Crypto Sprint because it shows the true nature of the original artwork," says Lappin. "The people are trying to escape paradise, but they keep showing up in the same spot."
Satoshi, whose professional name is an homage to Salvador Dali and Satoshi Nakamoto, the original creator of Bitcoin, is thrilled to introduce his philosophy of Existential Deism into the NFT medium. He believes that the complexity of the universe has been created by a clockmaker-type being who sets things into motion but doesn't interfere with life on Earth. Small details and our own choices comprise reality. "You can verify that you exist," he explains, "and in doing so, you accept that the worst thing you can do is affect others' existence negatively."
For that very reason, Satoshi loves crypto because "the puzzles give people the ability to think for themselves. When you give people the faith that they are valuable, you show them that by expressing themselves, things will happen… Crypto currency will allow us to move beyond individualistic country identity. Crypto currency requires personal responsibility similar to the stock market. Crypto has volatility and you must do your due diligence. You have to do your own research."
Upcoming Crypto Sprints by Satoshi will include puzzles on the history of doughnuts and UFOs at Coney Island.
Art lovers can also view Lappin's show High on Collage with the innovative digital company Trigonal Gallery exclusively on Artsy now through April 19. Lappin continues to release new NFTs regularly, and discusses the medium's impact on the art world with Trigonal founder Jonathan Goodman in a weekly video series, The Art of Art Business, on Sundays at 4PM EST on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch.
To find the Satoshi-Lappin Crypto Sprints beginning April 9, visit For more on Morgan Jesse Lappin and upcoming NFTs, visit @TrigonalGallery on social media or
MEDIA CONTACT: Jonathan Goodman, (201) 725-5268
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