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Plus Size Model and Entrepreneur Romi Chase Breaks Barriers And Shares Her Top Tips

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / February 26, 2021 / Instagram model Romi Chase is a woman on a mission: to stand out from the crowd in a world saturated with content creators. It's one she's succeeding at, with nearly one million followers on Instagram less than two years after her first post. But her achievements are no coincidence and now Romi has shared her top tips for success - to help the next generation of young women rise up.

After giving up her job as an English teacher in Poland and moving to the US in 2017 with a masters degree under her belt, Romi had no idea the dramatic change of direction her career would take. As a plus-sized woman, the 28-year-old often felt that she didn't meet the typical beauty standards back home, where tall, slim women were idealised and often felt the need to cover up her body. After moving to Miami, she quickly realised her curvy figure wasn't just accepted - it was fully embraced. While her teaching degree wouldn't get Romi very far in a land of native speakers, the model realised her looks would - if she could find a way to stand out.

After doing a few test shoots, Romi became a natural in front of the camera and began posting fashion and lingerie shots on her new social media accounts. The model took her newfound success seriously, researching how to improve her online presence on Instagram and Twitter, by reading up on algorithms and observing other popular accounts to see how she too could monetise her work. Romi's following started to grow immediately - something she says is a result of the long hours she put into her work and adjusting it for mass appeal.

The entrepreneur is fast-disproving the myth that models are less educated and has developed several businesses, including a photography and videography company, so she can be in full control of her content, as well as a newly-launched coaching service for aspiring content creators. But Romi's business prowess has come as a surprise to her followers, many of whom have asked the model if she managed to finish high school. "Some people think content creators as stupid but it's the opposite - you have to be skilled at everything from marketing to writing to picture and video editing," Romi said. "There is no man behind this, it's all me."

Her hard work is paying off, with two social media award nominations in the last year alone, including the impressive title of Social Media Queen. The model has also been approached to speak at seminars. Romi has a business model that she follows with three key aspects that she says is her recipe for success.

Romi says put the time in: While being your own boss comes with a lot of perks, Romi is quick to point out that it has its fair share of pitfalls. With no manager overseeing your work and no clocking in or out of a 9 to 5, it can be easy for things to slip. But Romi treats her online work as a full-time job and spends time every day building her brand. "I have always been a born leader and I like to be in control of things, so being my own boss suits me - but it means I have to hold myself accountable for everything," she said. "It's all about commitment and hard work - but it helps if you enjoy what you're doing."

Romi also recommends doing your research: In Romi's experience, staying on top of the latest industry news, algorithm changes and social media terms of services is crucial to achieving success online. She also recommends having back-up accounts on Instagram where you can experiment with new ideas without fear of losing a large chunk of followers. "Never go off of what other people say - you need to do your own research," Romi said. "I follow a lot of people in the industry and take note of what they are doing that works and avoid what doesn't."

Romi's final piece of advice is work smarter, not harder: Although she never takes a day off, Romi says it is important to work out which hours you need to be active online as a content creator. Working from her phone means she can pick up tasks throughout the day and night, but that doesn't mean her followers have constant access. "I keep my schedule flexible so I can adjust to what is working on that day," Romi said. "The majority of my fans are American so I know which hours they will be online and make sure I am too. I also know that when they are coming home from work, that period will be quiet so that's free time to do chores, take a nap - whatever I want."

For Romi, it's only up from here, with a new website and merchandise newly launched. To keep up with the model's work, you can follow her on Instagram.


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