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Nutrition Pro Offers Simple Steps for Daily Detox

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Maryville, Tennessee (PRWEB) November 21, 2011

Earlier this year, the FDA pulled from store shelves several high-profile weight loss and body detox agents, all of which were marketed as healthy and all-natural but were found to be rich in toxins and potential health detriments. This occurrence underscored the fact that detox is all the rage in diet and nutrition circles, but that going about it the wrong way can potentially be harmful to one’s health. Mark Grodin, a nutritionist who instructs his clients in healthy ways to rid their bodies of toxins and harmful substances, says the line between good and bad weight loss methods has never been blurrier. Notes Grodin, “There are plenty of people looking in all the wrong places for healthy and safe weight loss and detox methods.” Grodin has come up with a brief series of tips to instruct fitness novices on the right ways to detox.

Detoxification is a vital step in the fitness process,” notes Grodin, whose Clean Fit company encourages weekly or even daily detox. “It rids the body of those substances that might be prohibiting weight loss and true physical fitness.”


Grodin says that, in order to keep toxins out of the body, it is simply a matter of putting the right things into the body.

1. Eat cherries and strawberries: These fruits are heavy on ellagic acid, which combats pollutants and free radicals, especially those caused by alcohol.

2. Eat grapes: These are rich in nutrients that help the arteries to function properly, ultimately pushing blood through the body as efficiently as possible.

3. Eat citrus fruits and berries: These are rich in Vitamins A and C, both of which work as natural detox agents and help the liver function at its best.

4. Eat prunes. These high-fiber foods are ideal for cleansing the colon and promoting overall colon health.

5. Drink cranberry juice, or eat cranberries. The cranberry is another natural detox agent that promotes kidney health.

According to Grodin, detoxification is the first step toward balanced nutrition. “It’s like starting with a clean slate,” he explains. “Before filling the body with good stuff, one rids it of bad stuff.”


Mark Grodin is a nutrition expert and fitness professional who offers hands-on coaching in proper diet and exercise. His company, Clean Fit, is based in Tennessee.


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