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SEO Partner Targets Melbourne For Geo-Specific Search Engine Optimization

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Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) November 18, 2011

The bustling city of Melbourne, made up of nearly 4.1 million inhabitants, also known as the cultural capital of the Australia, is the country’s fastest growing city according to experts. Statistics show that in the year leading up to June 2010, the population grew by around 79,000 or roughly 1500 per week. While the city faces infrastructural strains due to overcrowding, for business owners in the area, the population explosion means only one thing: more business. Sydney-based business genius James Schramko recently announced plans to expand his search engine optimization business to some of the world’s major cities, including Melbourne.

Schramko says “My recent visit to Google AU revealed some interesting stats. Around 50% of business owners in Australia, do not yet own a website for their business. There are immense business opportunities in cities as large as Melbourne. Since most households are now equipped with computers and high speed internet, localized search engine optimization can greatly increase online visibility. SEO Partner makes it easier for local and international customers to find you in a crowded city.”

Melbourne is home to a variety of spectacles.    It is said to be the birthplace of some of Australia’s finest cultural institutions including Australian film, Australian television, Australian impressionist art, and so on.

In 1956, the city of Melbourne hosted the first ever Olympic games held in the southern hemisphere. The metropolis also hosts some of the world’s most prestigious sporting events, including one of four Grandslam Tennis tournaments, the Australian Open, and Australia’s major Thoroughbred horse race, the Melbourne Cup.

Yearly, thousands of fans from around the world visit Melbourne to witness the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix, held at Albert Park. It is the oldest motor racing competition in Australia and the pinnacle of motor sports in the country.

Aside from the major sporting and cultural attractions around the coastal city, Melbourne is also home to Australia’s largest corporations. The highly diversified economy boasts particular strengths in manufacturing, research, education, tourism, logistics, conventions, and information technology.

(See Melbourne entry on Wikipedia for reference details)

According to a study conducted 2008-2009, 72% of households in Australia have internet access. The Yellow Pages which once was the go-to search directory to find specific service providers, has become nearly obsolete; the ever decreasing volume of its pages is proof of that.

Schramko states that brick and mortar businesses that have acquired a website to advertise on have already taken the first step in the right direction. The next step would be to optimize their websites for localized Google searches and this is where his company, SEO Partner, plays a crucial role.

“With a population of over 4 million, a high percentage of households with internet access, as well as a healthy tourism sector, Melbourne area businesses have a far better chance to be found on the internet, specifically on Google, than any other place. SEO Melbourne now serves businesses in the area, providing localized search engine optimization for page 1 Google listings.” – James Schramko

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About SEO Partner

A division of James Schramko's SuperFastBusiness specializing in search engine optimization. The SEO Partner team deals with James' clients on a daily basis, providing comprehensive service packages suitable for all types of businesses of any size. Now serving major cities, worldwide.

About James Schramko

Schramko started SuperfastBusiness in 2005. James has since become one of the most sought-after Internet Marketing Coaches in the world. Author of the tremendously successful Traffic Grab as well as the FastWebFormula live event series, James provides search engine optimization services to hundreds of clients around the world.


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