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How Noel Verdejo and Fresh Start Financial Group Have Made Strides in the Credit Repair Industry

PISCATAWAY, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / January 25, 2021 / Credit plays a significant role in people's financial power as it allows them to acquire a credit card, loans for either houses or cars, mortgages, or even holiday trips, to name a few. However, it takes a good credit score to get a hold of such leisures, and not everyone holds a good credit score. Noel Verdejo knows what it's like to struggle with a less-than-stellar credit score, which is why his company Fresh Start Financial Group, has been working to help others in their struggles.

Noel Verdejo created Fresh Start Financial Group to help others fix their credit scores and teach them more. Noel himself had gone through similar ordeals when he lost his home in 2009 and later bankruptcy in 2012. The situation would drive him to learn how he could restore his credit.

After acquiring the knowledge, Noel dedicated his life to helping more people learn and understand what they could do with the power of good credit and help them achieve their dreams of purchasing a home or car. Having been in a situation where he lost everything in life and was able to get it back by the knowledge of credit, he would create Fresh Start Financial Group to move forward with his plans.

Founded in 2019, Fresh Start Financial Group is based in New Jersey. The company started small, but as the months rolled by they were able to grow quickly. In less than two years, they ran an operation with 44 employees and worked with over a thousand clients. Most of whom were referred to them from previous clients they helped.

Fresh Start Financial Group is a company that takes pride in helping people get their credit back to allow them to purchase their dream homes, cars, or even take out a loan to start a business. Noel Verdejo intended for his company to give people the new beginning they deserved, so he chose the name Fresh Start for his company.

The company takes a maximum of 90 business days compared to other companies that take months to even make a dent in a credit score. Fresh Start Financial Group ensures that its clients get swift results. They have a money-back guarantee for their clients if they can't achieve their promises on time.

Another unique characteristic that Fresh Start is renowned for is its commitment to its clients. Even when they've completed their business, Noel and his team still help their clients purchase whatever they dreamt of with their credit.

Since the inception of Fresh Start Financial Group, Noel Verdejo has impacted thousands of people's lives. He is teaching credit when schools have neglected to do and emphasizing the importance of credit knowledge. Noel hopes to reach out to people and help them realize that it isn't impossible to restore and fix it despite having bad credit for so long.

To learn more about Noel Verdejo and Fresh Start Financial Group, you may visit their website. Noel is also available on Instagram.

Company: Fresh Start Financial Group
Phone number: 9513109116

SOURCE: Fresh Start Financial Group

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