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FutrGroup Automation: How Franco Shaw is Dominating the E-Commerce World

Los Angeles, CA, Jan. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- If you asked Franco Shaw what he does for a living, he’d say he helps create generational change by showing people how to create wealth.

As a Shopify Automation agency owner, Franco specializes in creating “Drop-Shipping” stores for clients to build passive monthly income utilizing their credit. 

“We're essentially operating the same was as a hedge fund would. You give us your monthly budget towards advertising and we generate you net income on a regular basis utilizing that credit budget. Our current average return is 4.31x on over 300 clients worldwide. Meaning if your budget is $10,000 per month we generate around $43,100 on average in gross income at a 30% net margin. Meaning you're earning about $12,900 profit per month on every 10k in credit spent.”

Here’s how Franco encourages entrepreneurs who are just getting started:

“Entrepreneurship is a tough game. From the outside it looks like nice cars, fancy vacations and private jets...the truth is, the reality is quite the contrary. If you're an individual that is finding solutions in a world full of problems, I don't care if you're working at a grocery store or flipping burgers, if your brain is working towards making your job easier, you may have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. At the end of the day, 99% of the industry is about solving a problem. So if you can roll with the punches when it gets tough and stick through despite the naysayers, my advice is to follow through with your journey and master one thing. Don't be the jack of all trades, get amazing at one thing and that will pay off tenfold in your future.”

As an entrepreneur, Franco has learned how to navigate the complex personal journey of being the champion of his own brand. “The biggest challenge is hiring yourself. What I mean by that, is in the beginning you're going to be doing everything independently. Depending on the industry, you'll likely be the accountant, the customer service representative, the shipping warehouse, the CEO and the marketing expert. You don't own a business in the beginning, the business owns you. It isn't until you start developing your skill-sets within the company that you find what your strengths are, and when the capital is present to hire, you should outsource the things you no longer feel driven to do, to those who do. It's all about teamwork at the end of the day, and in the beginning you feel overwhelmed because it's all you. Hire talent in sectors you're not incredible at and be rewarded heavily.”

In 2020 alone, Franck’s agency generated $32,000,000 in gross sales online through e-commerce ventures with over 300 clients generating over $85,000 a year passively utilizing their credit. And they’re just getting started.

“As an E-Commerce Automation Agency we're constantly testing products for our clients to ensure that on day 1 they are receiving a winner. What we mean by that is most of the individuals within e-commerce have to test products to see if it can get sales for less than the price of advertising. We call this figure "ROAS" which stands for (Return on Ad Spend). Our agency tests over 5000 products per year through our general store, then when we find products that do well through Facebook ads, we build out a single product store and test that product again. When this product does well within the single product store, we re-brand and give that store to the client within our agency to utilize their credit to drive revenue. We sell a multitude of products from Women's Beauty, Home Decor, Clothing, Industrial Tools, Lighting, Jewelry... Just about anything you can find in a mall, we're selling online to millions of shoppers around the world.”

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