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AC Unit Installation Available in Wilmington, NC

AC Unit Installation Available in Wilmington, NC

Property owners evaluate a variety of air conditioning issues to determine if repairs are possible. When it comes to air conditioning units, some issues could present repair costs that exceed the cost of a new unit. Property owners discuss the issue with their repair service and make a sound decision. 

Clearing Out the Space for the Technicians

The homeowner must clean out space for the technicians to walk through the area where they are installing the air conditioning unit. The path must be clear to prevent the workers from tripping and falling inside the home. The residents must clean out the area outside the home where the exterior unit will be installed, too. Technicians must have plenty of room to lift and move the air conditioning unit and install it into the preferred location. Homeowners can learn more about getting an air conditioning unit installed by visiting right now. 

The Removal of the Existing Unit

The existing unit must be removed completely before the new air conditioner can be installed. Technicians will complete a series of steps to get the current unit disconnected and removed from inside and outside of the property. The installation team will load the old unit onto a transport vehicle and remove it from the property, too. The removal will not lead to any additional costs for the property owners. 

Sizing the Duct Work and Ventilation System

The technicians evaluate the size of the ductwork and ventilation systems to ensure they will fit within the space and accommodate the new air conditioning installation. If the ductwork is not the right size, it will not distribute cool air through the property appropriately and some of the air may leak from the duct system. This will increase energy costs and energy consumption unnecessarily. 

Where to Get a New AC Installation 

One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning presents superior heating and cooling services for residential and commercial property owners. They offer repairs, installations, and maintenance services for heating and cooling systems. The company has a rich history of guaranteed services and satisfied customers. Property owners can learn more about their impressive services by visiting for more information right now. 

Installing the New Air Conditioning Unit

The technicians begin the process of installing the air conditioning unit by positioning the interior and exterior units in the desired locations. They connect the units to the wiring system and install a thermostat according to the property owner's preferences. They charge the air conditioning unit appropriately with refrigerant. The technicians will test the air conditioning unit and ensure the unit operates as expected. If any issues emerge, the technicians troubleshoot the issue until the units are operated as expected. 

Property owners need a reliable air conditioning unit to keep their property cool throughout the summer. If their existing unit is not operating appropriately, it may be time to update the unit and replace it with a more energy-efficient model. By installing a new unit, the property owner won't have to worry about sudden shutdowns during the summer and keeping their home cool at all times. 

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