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JPMedics Kumo Massage Chair: The First 44-inch “Made in Japan” L-track Massage Chair and Its Therapeutic Healing Benefits

The last days of 2020 are rapidly approaching. Many people are breathing sighs of relief that the year will soon be over, with the hope that 2021 will be better, or more like the pre-COVID-19 era. From a global pandemic perspective, 2021 certainly seems to look more positive than 2020, mainly because there are COVID-19 vaccines that have been approved by the USA and UK for emergency use in a desperate attempt to control the virus’s spread.

However, this pandemic is far from over, resulting in the generalized increase in stress and anxiety levels, which must be taken care of; otherwise, they can result in major depression and its more severe cousin, suicide.

The Mayo Clinic Health System reports that massage is a proven treatment for depression, stress, and anxiety. Thus, the question that begs is how to schedule regular massage sessions in a global pandemic? 

Enter the JPMedics Kumo Massage Chair.

The manufacturer, JPMedics, describes this chair as “a definite improvement in traditional massage chairs. It is the first of its kind to provide deep tissue, heated, spine-focused, human-like massages.”

As an aside, it is worth noting that the Kumo massage chair is part of a collection of massage chairs on sale. Therefore, based on its features described below, and the fact that it is on sale, it is definitely worth purchasing. 

Consequently, let’s consider several features that result in its therapeutic healing benefits.

1. Zero Gravity

This Japanese massage chair is unique because it is one of the few, if not the only, massage chair manufactured in Japan that offers the Zero Gravity function. This function is a must-have on any massage chair. The chair's backrest reclines so that the legs are higher than the chest. This position is similar to astronauts' position inside the space rocket when entering and exiting the earth's atmosphere.

This position raises the knees above the heart; thereby, decreasing the pressure on the human spine, relaxing the back muscles, allowing the discs between the vertebrae to decompress, and taking the pressure off the spinal vertebrae. Secondly, this position allows for a deeper and improved massage.

2. 44-inch L-track technology

The Kumo massage chair’s L-track technology is 4 inches longer than the standard 40-inch track. This extends the chair’s coverage and reaches more points on the body. Consequently, allowing the chair to provide a stimulating neck, shoulder, and mid- and lower-back massage. The chair’s L-track does not facilitate the leg and foot massage function. It forms part of the footrest massage capacity. 

Note: The L-track technology is a combination of an L-track and an S-track. The S-track follows the curvature of the spine while the L-track extends the S-track on both sides, reaching the neck at the top of the track and the glutes at the bottom of the track.  

3. 4D heated massage rollers

The JPMedics Kumo Massage Chair is unique compared to the collection of massage chairs because of its 4D heated massage rollers. It is the first chair to provide a deep-tissue, heated, spine-focused, human-like massage. The 4D rollers measure 3 inches long and are situated 1.5 inches apart in the L-track. They are designed to accurately massage the spine and specific acupuncture points along the back and neck.

4. Advanced back scanning sensor

This massage chair comes fitted with an ARM microprocessor that allows the chair to scan the body to determine where to start and end the massage when combined with the built-in sensors. This functionality also enables the chair to respond quickly and accurately, adjusting massage intensity levels in real-time to ensure that the massage given is what is asked for.

5. Heated knee therapy

This Kumo massage chair is the world’s first massage chair with 3D knee technology. Succinctly stated, the chair combines air compression and heat therapy to massage the knees. The chair adjusts its fitted airbags to match the knees’ position for a more targeted massage. And these fitted airbags can also massage the full leg by traveling up and down the leg.

Final thoughts

Based on the information presented above, there is no doubt that the JPMedics Kumo Massage Chair is a worthwhile purchase.

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