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Combining Spirituality and Accounting, Meet Abbey Rose, The Revolutionary Awakened Accountant, Healer, and Psychic Who Has Merged These Previously Foreign Worlds

Gold Coast Entrepreneur, Abbey Rose has cracked the code to her client’s mindsets, emotions, and behaviors surrounding money. 

“How we treat our money, comes down to a behavior, which has been derived from an emotion. This emotion is based on energy, and this energy draws our desires towards us,” Abbey explains. 

Abbey and her team at Awakened Accountants share a global vision to help clients achieve financial success through building businesses and creating impact and change within the community. However, the journey to this point was not easy. Abbey’s spiritual awakening and ignition of her passion was wrought with hardship, lessons learned, and ultimately, profound growth. 

Years ago, a traumatic event forced Abbey to return to her hometown. An event that she never saw coming. Although through a season of suffering, the Universe’s plan for her was unwavering. It’s plan manifested in an administrative role in a local accounting firm. Abbey immediately fell in love with the world of finance and accounting and she went on to study her Accounting degree at university and moved to her capital city where she began working in a mid-tier accounting firm. While she enjoyed the financial work, Abbey felt stifled within the confines of her cubicle and the regulations enforced within the corporate environment.

By 2009, Abbey had had enough. She left her comfortable role and launched into her entrepreneurial journey. In 2014 she  made the decision to accelerate an innovative firm that combined bookkeeping and accounting services. A few years later, her business and her marriage were simultaneously dissolving and she found herself alone, with two small children. It was in this darkest hour, that Abbey turned to the healing powers of the metaphysical. With her world imploding around her, she began her journey of self-exploration and awakened her gifts. She began sharing her gifts by performing psychic readings and healings. While working in a spiritual center, she learned all she could about crystals, Reiki, and the relationship between the mind, body, and spirit.

Not long after she received a spiritual nudge to combine her passions for spirituality and accounting, two fields that rarely experienced any crossover. Nevertheless, Abbey followed her intuition. Within a few short months, her spiritual accounting business had taken off as the need for an emotionally available accountant arose. Even in her busiest moments, Abbey’s fire could not be dimmed as she realized the profound impact she was having on the financial and spiritual lives of her clients. In 2019, she began building a team of like-minded, “Awake” Accountants. Today, Abbey and her team work symbiotically to provide their clients with the tools to achieve financial success, build and scale businesses, and create lasting change within their communities.

When working with any new client, Abbey first addresses matters of the mind. 

“Transformation of the mind is incredibly difficult. The lens through which we see life is created by our minds, and this is the hardest part to change” says Abbey. 

Abbey has found that many of her clients have unresolved blocks surrounding money, and may even be intimidated by it. She works with business owners to shift that perspective through a 7 step process including: Understanding, Surrender and most importantly Financial Education. Through the use of shadow work, energy healing, and uplifting empowerment, Abbey has witnessed incredible transformations in all aspects of her client’s lives. 

Once clients have undergone the journey of letting go of what is holding them back, they are ready to create a business and implement financial strategy. With a renewed mindset free of limitations, clients can achieve accelerated growth in their businesses. Abbey supports her clients through 1-1 advising, business and financial coaching courses, and online webinars. When creating, managing, and protecting wealth, Abbey continually integrates at the level of the mind, body, and spirit. 

According to Abbey, “Money is a relationship, and we need to treat it with love and care as you would a romantic partner.”

Abbey is dedicated to her vision of helping others achieve spiritual healing, financial success to leave a lasting impact on their families and communities. 

A mother before all else, Abbey is proud to set this example for her children, 

“If we can teach our children how to navigate their emotions and thus their life in an empowering way, we’re changing the future.”

Check out @blakelewiss_ on Instagram, the photographer responsible for the photography in this article. 

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