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Artificial Intelligence is Allowing Greater Insights Into Influencer Marketing, Says HypeFactory

LONDON - October 7, 2020 - (

​​Artificial Intelligence (AI) and large scale data analysis is allowing micro-inspection of influencer marketing strategies and exposing ‘fake’ accounts, according to leading influencer marketing agency HypeFactory

A study by Mediakix showed that 80% of market researchers consider influencer marketing to be an efficient tool for brand promotion. Instagram is considered to be the most popular social network for influencer marketing, with accessibility and efficiency of advertising attracting billions of dollars to the platform.

However, at the same time, only 55% of Instagram accounts are ‘real’ people, according to the data that HypeFactory obtained using its Fraud Detection technology. 

HypeFactory uses technology that evaluates the real volume (OTS) of each influencer by 38 metrics. Using unique hypertargeting, it can find influencers with an audience concentrated in a certain region, city and even down to a particular district.

Regina Tsvyrava, Chief Operating Officer at HypeFactory, commented:

“AI uses more than 53 behavioural patterns to detect suspicious leads and is constantly updated and learns to reveal new fraudulent schemes. With HypeAuditor technology, it can work simultaneously with more than 700 influencers and reach 400 million users. Moreover, campaigns can be launched in 14 languages, being adapted individually for each region.”

A recent case is the Hustle Castle game, produced by MY.GAMES, a game development studio, with 25 million MAU and 540 million registered users worldwide. The challenge was to inspire interest in new markets and using HypeFactory’s unique hyperlocal marketing technology, the ad campaigns were able to reach targeted regions. As a result, after three weeks of the campaign launch in Hong Kong and Korea with 40 influencers, the game gained popularity and reached a total coverage of 6.3 million.

Another point is efficiency of the “second touch”. HypeFactory developers created a tool that measures the crossings between accounts, analyses the audience quality (Audience Quality Score), and sees the percentage of purchased and suspicious users. This allows campaigns to target accurately and to exclude repeated or frequent impressions to the same people.

“A good influencer marketing strategy is based on a sustained multi-stage campaign,” explained Regina Tsvyrava. “Digitising of influencers and their audiences as well as access to a huge array of analytical data helps to select the right promotion channel in order to create an advertising campaign. This allows clients to not only monitor online how their campaign has launched and how it is currently working, but also to see its specific results.”

When working on tools, HypeFactory pays great attention to process automation and working on APIs for integration with analytical services. The number of views, comments and likes, CPV (cost-per-view), CPC (cost per click), CPL (lead), and CPS (sale), are available to clients in a single user-friendly interface.  

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Original Source: Artificial Intelligence is Allowing Greater Insights Into Influencer Marketing, Says HypeFactory
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