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Dreaming Big with Feet on the Floor: How Luiz Poloni Left a Favela and Launched a Millionaire Business

Dreaming Big with Feet on the Floor: How Luiz Poloni Left a Favela and Launched a Millionaire Business

Today's Internet marketing companies are worth a dime; there are thousands. However, companies that are able to deliver on their promises with data and success are much rarer - and they exist. Luiz Poloni is part of that old group.

Poloni's businesses offer two major advantages; one of which is helping companies increase their revenue through funnels and traffic and sales, while the other focuses on training entrepreneurs to manage super-profit agencies. From self-experience, Poloni is eager to share top notch advice to young entrepreuners on how to achieve success easily in clever ways. His recommendations illustrate how he was able to take that leap of faith and make his goals happen, while thousands of others are just dreaming.

Learn a Profitable Skill

The greatest piece of advice that Poloni gives is that everyone should learn a profitable skill. Against formal education and proudly an example of overcoming it, Poloni believes that self-development is essential. However, it is only half the equation for success. He insists that studying sales is the most important key to achieving seven digits of revenue.

Think Vertical, Not Horizontal

Many people are distracted, offering a wide variety of services or products, leaving everyone without quality. However, Poloni advocated an approach to his own business that focuses on vertical integration and control of the entire process from top to bottom, focusing on delivering results rather than entering different markets. This is something that he emphasizes strongly in his programs.

Balance your Obligations...

Every businessman has setbacks, and Poloni is no exception. At the initial stage of his agency, he worked too hard and, more importantly, was unable to scale up his business properly. This “broke” his business and forced him to focus on his company's effectiveness issues. Improving the provision of services on a scale was fundamental to his business's success and remains one of the resources that differentiate his business from others. Many entrepreneurs and companies experience initial success, but few manage to maintain that success on a scale and therefore lose. For this reason, Poloni focused on helping other companies to expand so that they can remain successful.

But Most Importantly... Manage Yourself

The Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, is a cliché in business. However, Poloni emphasizes business as its own system that depends on excellent management. This includes discipline, building positive habits and a positive mindset focusing on growth. Managing other people doesn't make sense if you can't manage yourself. The 20% of your time that you can focus on your personal development can be responsible for 80% of your success.

Have an "Eagle Eye"

Poloni likens his role in the business to that of an eagle. He has an “eagle eye” for his business. Throughout his journey, in otder to reach a seven-figure business, he had to develop an eagle eye on his company's operations, looking at the macro aspect of it and making sure he was firmly understanding all aspects of his business. That way, nothing goes unnoticed.

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