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Tight Slice SEO: The Keys To Local Digital Marketing

Tight Slice SEO: The Keys To Local Digital Marketing

Everyone is talking about it, but what is Digital Marketing? If you’ve been anywhere online for the last few years it’s hard not to pick up the word Digital Marketing floating around there. Becoming a beloved buzzword for anyone trying to polish their image as an expert, but what is Digital Marketing? Find out on

Digital Marketing is the collective term of all marketing in the digital space. Simply put it’s not something new and complicated, but rather traditional marketing adapting to the new age of communication.

The huge difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing is channels of communication. While billboards, posters and newspaper advertisements boomed the industry for more than a century that’s not where the consumers are anymore.

As television replaced newspapers, Billboards replaced social media feeds, and ever increasing presence in digital spaces changed the way consumers interact with the world. With 4.5 Billion people with access to the internet and 3.8 billion people on social media marketers had to adapt and follow the consumer into the digital world.

Digital Marketing is the new way to interact with consumers in their preferred way of communication. Ever received a newsletter from a company you purchased products from? - Digital Marketing. Searched for a product on a search engine? - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Also Digital Marketing at

Companies interacting with you on social media such as Twitter or Facebook? - Part of their Digital Marketing Strategy. Start thinking about it. When did you last see a company solely promote their products through bus billboards, or in the local newspaper? Most likely you haven’t for a while.

Digital Marketing is blurring the lines of advertisement. Consumers don’t want to be standardized anymore, meaning A4 marketing campaigns won’t do the trick anymore. Personalizing your message in traditional channels would be impossible, but Digital Marketing brings the company into the world of the consumer. Allowing Marketing departments to tailor the message on a more personal level.

TV, Email, Social Media, SMS promotions, Paid traffic to your website and search engines. They all fall under the vast label of Digital Marketing. All of it belonging to the ever changing ecosystem we find online. Learn more at

With the vast range of digital marketing comes information. Traditional marketers would need to fight for the best billboards, or plan months ahead where to place their message. Digital Marketing allows the companies to really scope in their preferred audience.

Want to run a campaign for male sports clothes? - Target men within a certain age, lifestyle and who has a history online of looking at sports related sites. Market a new brand of Lipstick? - Target sites, apps and blogs where you’d expect to find that demographics.

Digital Marketing has changed the way companies interact with their customers, how advertisement agencies form their messages and how the customers consume information. So to answer the question we started out with - What is Digital Marketing? It’s everything we engage with every single day through our digital presence on

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