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Xingang: A fishing village which echoes with history

A bird's-eye view of the peaceful fishing village of Xingang in Fuyang district, Hangzhou

Xingang is a peaceful fishing village in Fuyang district, Hangzhou. Situated on the banks of Fuchun River, it is one of the most highly-recommended countryside resorts in the city area.

Fuchun River is known for its rapid torrents and steep banks, which are quite a view for travelers but a nightmare for sailors and fishermen. However, the riverbed broadens in Xingang, making the village a perfect port for passing ships and boats.

A native girl offers a fat fish to guests.

In the past, the village has treated travelling businessmen and sailors with river fish cuisine. The hospitality they showed, and delicacies they shared, are still on display today.

A hall was built in the 1970s to exhibit the village ancestors' fishing traditions, boat-building skills, and tales about legendary fishermen.

Every ninth day of the ninth month of the lunar year, tourists will flock to the small village from neighboring areas to taste seasonal dishes made of fish and crabs.

For fans of Chinese history, the village boasts an unmissable site in the form of Jiangtai mountain.

Jiangtai Mountain in Xingang villager is a stronghold where rebel leader Fang La fought against the Northern Song (960-1127) emperor Zhao Ji.

According to local chronicles, Qinshihuang (259 to 210 BC), China's first emperor of the Qin Dynasty, used to ascend the mountain and look over Qiantangjiang River. The mountain was thus named Qinwang Mountain for a long period.

In 1120, in the region of Emperor Zhao Ji of the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), the name was changed to Jiangtai, which in Chinese means a rally point for generals.

When rebel leader Fang La raised an army in China Hangzhou to fight against the central government, the Hundred Flower Princess, a female general of the Fang La faction, saw the mountain's strategic value and camped her centurions and soldiers here.

"We are looking forward to visitors from home and abroad. We will treat them with delicacies and stories," said Yu Lei, party secretary of Xingang village.

Getting There: Search for Xingang Village on your mobile and take a taxi.

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