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Car Accident Chiropractor In Savannah Offers Solutions For Car Accident Victims

Arrowhead Clinic, a Savannah, Georgia based chiro care center, recently published a blog post about the mistakes people often make following a car accident. There are a dozen actions people should avoid taking after a car accident, but many often end up injuring themselves or find themselves inadequately prepared to deal with a lawsuit because they are simply unaware that they should be careful. Through their blog, the Savannah car accident chiropractors at Arrowhead Clinic discuss ways in which one can prepare for any potential repercussions that may come about as a result of an accident.

“It's easy to make very common mistakes after being involved in a car accident,” says the blog. “Car accidents are never expected, and it can be hard to keep our heads as we try to deal with everything all at once. The errors we make can be very costly and can harm your chances of being compensated by the at-fault driver. If you know ahead of time what steps to take after a car accident and what mistakes to avoid, you could save yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars. No matter the accident's circumstances, you should consult a car accident attorney and seek immediate medical care.”

One major mistake many people make after an accident is not calling the police. The police report can serve as an objective record of what happened during the accident, should it become necessary to have such a thing. A police report makes it clear what happened in an objective way, which makes it impossible for the other driver or witnesses to make false claims. It is particularly important to have valid documentation if someone involved in the accident suffers a potential injury, especially if a lawsuit is filed.

Another mistake many people make after an accident is admitting guilt. “When discussing the accident, it is essential not to admit fault or even say, ‘I'm sorry,’” the blog post says. “Admitting fault will likely be used against you when you attempt to collect damages to your car or be reimbursed for your medical bills. Even if it seems like you were at fault, you could be wrong. There is no way to know every detail surrounding your accident, especially under the stress and shock that arise immediately after the impact.

If at all possible, drivers are encouraged to take pictures of the scene of the accident. These pictures should show all the damage to the cars involved, the condition of the road, and the position of each vehicle. All of this can help support one’s claim if there are any disagreements on how the accident happened. This also ties into how one must treat their insurance company. Insurance companies are out to avoid paying or at least reduce the amount they end up paying by a considerable amount. This may not always be the case, but having pictures of the aftermath of the accident can help one make a claim.

Medical treatment is incredibly important following an accident as well. Many people fail to seek medical treatment after their accident, assuming that the lack of symptoms means they are not injured in any way. Adrenaline can make it so one does not feel the pain until much later, however, which is why it is important to have one’s injuries diagnosed as soon as possible, especially if they are pursuing an auto injury claim. The blog talks about a number of other things one must and must not do after an accident and one can read the entire post on Arrowhead Clinic’s website.

After a car accident, most injuries make a visit to the chiropractor necessary in one way or another. Arrowhead Clinic has a team of highly qualified chiropractors on hand to help patients with any and all spine-related issues. One of the clinic’s patients, Jacqueline, who was referred to Arrowhead after an accident, says that, “My first experience at Arrowhead, I was referred for being in an accident. I was going to this clinic for about two weeks now. Queen and Ms. Lisa are very outstanding and awesome. And I can’t forget Dr. F, he is amazing. You will go there feeling 0% down, but once you start getting treatments, he makes sure that you are 100% better before your graduation period. I would recommend Arrowhead Clinic to any of my friends and family.”

Find out more about the car accident chiropractors in Savannah through their website or other online resources. Patients may reach out to Dr. Rachel Banks of Arrowhead Clinic - Savannah for further details as well.


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