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Home Insurance Agency in Phoenix AZ Prides Itself on Their No-Hassle Insurance Review Process

Jacob Larsen Agency & Associates, Inc prides itself on offering no-hassle insurance reviews for those that come to them looking to lower their insurance premiums. The agency claims that this is a fresh and simple approach to insurance sales in 2020 that is all about honesty, integrity, and skips the BS. More on this can be seen on the agency’s website at

Agency proprietor, Jake Larsen, had this to say about their customer-friendly insurance review process, “We are the ‘Credit Karma’ of Insurance services. We pride ourselves in our no-hassle insurance review process. Most of our clients know and understand that they can simply send us a copy of their current insurance coverage with their present insurance provider and after that, we will provide a free analysis of those current limits and coverages. Once finished we will let them know if we feel they are properly covered with those limits and if we can’t beat their current rates with the same coverage limits, we will simply advise them to stay with their current insurance provider. This approach keeps things simple and low pressure and our customers seem to really appreciate that. Many still refer us to family and friends even if we could not lower their current insurance premiums.”

Larsen went on to add that the agency currently does over 200 insurance policy reviews a month. He says that about 60% of the time they can beat a customer’s current insurance premiums for the same amount of coverage. The other 40% of the time the customer at least leaves satisfied that the agency tried its best. Larsen says they will even keep a history of the insurance review process on file and get in touch with the customer again if a lower premium becomes available.

A recent review seen at seems to indicate that the agency’s no-hassle insurance review system works as intended. In that review, Tyler Stokes writes, “I absolutely loved how quickly they got me my quote and the service they provided me!! Couldn't be happier with switching!! I will recommend them to my friends and family!”

According to Larsen, one of his agency’s more unique coverage options is there UTV insurance. UTV is the acronym for Utility Task Vehicle or Utility Terrain Vehicle. They are also commonly referred to as side by side vehicles. He went on to describe them as larger cousins of ATV’s that are often configured so the owners and their passengers can drive them legally on roadways. The agency proprietor says that to do this, they have to be properly insured. He added that they are one of the most recognized agencies in the Phoenix area for providing UTV coverage. While many insurance agencies in the area do not even provide an option for UTV coverage, his agency will provide both off-road and on-road UTV insurance coverage. Larsen says that many of the UTV insurance policies that they issue will even cover the high dollar accessories that are sometimes added to these multi-purpose vehicles. This unique UTV coverage has made the agency a favorite of the Phoenix area off-road community. As a way of giving back for that, in 2019 the agency gave away over $10,000 in prizes and sponsored several group ride events to support various charities that the local off-road community wanted to help. Larsen admitted that he is a UTV owner himself and he feels that participating in rides is a great way to create relationships in the community. It’s also one of the reasons that he works tirelessly to educate off-road riders of the importance of having proper coverage for their vehicles and to also help protect one’s family in the event of a tragic claim.

Larsen also mentioned that they are an insurance agency that specializes in working closely with many small businesses. The agency not only helps them obtain proper insurance coverage but also will teach them how to grow their own digital social media presence by taking advantage of different social media platforms. Larsen says, “We specialize in loss mitigation for small business owners and we go well beyond being just an ‘insurance agent’ selling business insurance; we are truly a partner in their business and we want to see them succeed wildly.”

More information on this popular Phoenix area insurance provider can be seen on their website, Facebook page or by following this link at to their Google Maps business listing.


For more information about Jacob Larsen Agency & Associates, Inc, contact the company here:

Jacob Larsen Agency & Associates, Inc
Jake Larsen
706 E Bell Rd Ste 110 Phoenix, AZ 85022

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