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Apocalypse Chain Starts the Technological Innovation in the Internet of Things

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 6, 2020 / The Internet of Things is the main medium connecting the physical world and the virtual world in the new era. The tens of billions of potential end users owned by the Internet of Things will create a steady stream of data resources for the block chain. The combination of the Internet of Things and the block chain will establish a brand-new interconnected infrastructure for everything.

According to relevant statistics, 380 suppliers worldwide are investing in 5G networks, while countries such as South Korea and the United States have issued relevant policies and strategic layout plans for 5G commerce. The development of 5G has become a consensus of all countries in the world. With the rapid development of 5G technology, people's networking equipment will no longer be limited to PC and smart phones, but all visible industrial products will have networking functions. The era of "Internet of Everything" has come. At this stage, all kinds of networked terminal equipment will have network service requirements. Therefore, the demand for data and network services will rise dramatically compared with the mobile Internet era. The surging of mass data has resulted in problems such as slow maturity of business models, lack of data security and privacy protection, poor platform interoperability, and overburdened cloud computing architecture.

Apocalypse Chain puts forward a brand-new and extensible new internet architecture, focusing on the security, circulation, trading and sharing of internet of things data. As an efficient and convenient main chain, the apocalypse chain can develop and connect with the fields that the internet of things can expand to, and can also create multiple sub-chains on this basis to complete their token economy.

Apocalypse Chain is built using Golang language and based on Ethereum. It consists of six layers from bottom to top: data layer, network layer, consensus layer, incentive layer, contract layer and application layer. A trusted distributed account book system is implemented on an open platform with Turing's complete smart contract extension application.

At the same time, it adopts the double consensus mechanism of DPoS and PBFT. DPoS is the only known decentralized consensus algorithm. It uses the power of stakeholders to approve voting to solve consensus problems in a fair and democratic way. It is the fastest, most effective, most decentralized and most flexible consensus model. It has also been proved to be able to meet the performance requirements of applications on the block chain. Under this algorithm, those who use the apocalypse chain to hold token on the block chain can select the block producer through the continuous approval voting system. Anyone can choose to participate in block production and have the opportunity to produce blocks. PBFT is a real-time evaluation of the stability and block output efficiency of partner nodes. PBFT makes the block chain consistent and has high processing performance. DPoS plus PBFT makes the whole block chain network efficient and reliable.

Edge computing is one of the indispensable infrastructures in the Internet of Things era. Edge computing will become a common infrastructure for "ubiquitous global coverage." Edge computing provided by the apocalypse chain is a decentralized computing architecture, which makes full use of the computing capability of the nodes themselves to fulfill the transferring requirements of computing and storage of the Internet of Things equipment nearby, greatly improving the timeliness of the series of processes in which the Internet of Things senses computing response. Apocalypse Chain reduces response delay and pressure on the cloud by putting network forwarding, storage, calculation, intelligent data analysis and other work on the edge.

After a great deal of research and improvement on the current Internet of Things system, the Apocalypse Chain project proposed the concept of "one thing, one coin, one code" on the premise of retaining the existing hardware and architecture. "Things" is the Internet of Things equipment, "currency" is the Apocalypse Chain token ACL, "code" is the unique identification code of the Internet of Things equipment connected to the Apocalypse Chain network. The identification code can be embedded into the hardware of the Internet of Things equipment to realize the binding of data and the equipment. The combination of these characteristics and block chain technology makes the data traceable, unique and reliable. For the completed Internet of Things system, the Apocalypse Chain also provides data conversion, value extraction, tool packaging and node maintenance at the software level. On the premise of ensuring safety and achieving forward compatibility, this technical framework will bring a new round of technological innovation to the current status quo of inconsistent Internet of Things equipment manufacturers.

In order to solve the contradiction between the volume of data blocks and the transaction speed, apocalypse chain has introduced the interplanetary file system (IPFS), which enables the distributed encrypted storage of internet of things data. Moreover, only the user who has the private key can obtain the corresponding data. Under the support of strong computing power, stealing or tampering with data will not be possible. The design of separating storage and transaction can meet the needs of massive Internet of Things data, which also builds a natural defense for the security and privacy of Internet of Things data.

Through smart contract technology, the Internet of Things data settlement is standardized and simplified to realize convenient data transaction. The control right of terminal equipment will also be added to the Apocalypse Chain as the transaction object. Through the open data interface and AI neural network, it evolves from human and machine to the transaction between machines, which will benefit more emerging application scenarios.

With the acceleration of IoE, the Apocalypse Chain will become the driving force for the development of the new architecture of the Internet of Things. It will definitely shine in this new era of IoE!

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