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Press Release

Flourish the Inner Beauty With Goddessbylola: A Trusted Home for everyone’s Dream Make-up

Roses are red and violet are blue, let's makeup together, glam up and turn our dream date true. I could understand my love for makeup when I urged more for lipsticks in the age of playing with dolls. Makeup is a tool that enhances ones features making them look beautiful and elegant from within. The idea of taking up makeup and beauty as my profession came right from when it has transformed into my passion.

In an era with digital advancement on one hand and increasing pollution and pollutants on the other, we also need to have both a healthy and a snap ready skin.

Besides this another main reason of setting up this business was to support a huge mass of people who are less fortunate to even earn their daily bread. For which we also have set up a community kitchen called "Helping Steps" which  feeds millions of homeless helpless children, a big portion of our profit is donated for feeding these thousands of homeless children who goes hungry to bed, our kitchen aims to feed all those hungry, innocent children so that they don't roam about for food, in their school going age.

Goddessbylola, founded by Lolita Siyad is a company of makeup and skin care created on the basis of my experience for years in the beauty industry for women. Every individual woman is beautiful in their own way, every complexion have their own beauty and glow.

Our team believes to enhance ones features hence bringing out there inner beauty, which works wonders. Our company hereby comes up with various skin care range which we refer is based on the skin types of our clients. This is an age where pollution and dirt is all around and are the prevailing factors for various skin problems like irritations, redness, ageing and much more. So we also need to have a proper skin care regime. Our company hereby comes up with various skin care range which we refer is based on the skin types of our clients. We sell skin care products, sets full makeup and individuals and ship them all across the globe.

We have 3 locations in London, Oslo and Nairobi and are soon planning to have our very first pop-up shop in Somalia/Somaliland on a huge request of our clients.

Women's are believed to be one of the best creation of God, no matter whichever situation they are in they can manage it well by putting on a sweet smile on their face which makes them look even beautiful. We ensure style there features and bring out there inner beauty.

Last but not the least I would like to specially thank Nasraabey and Huda Amuun and the members of Somalia community who had helped me through my journey. These people are the famous Instagram influencer having a large social family and have showed there support to me by giving feedbacks and reviews of my product on their page and helped to boost up the demands of my products even more socially.

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Company Name: Goddessbylola
Contact Person: Lolita Siyad
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Country: United Kingdom

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