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Press Release

Indianapolis Pest Service Provides Bed Bug and COVID-19 Information

In response to an increase in questions from customers about bed bugs and their ability to transmit the coronavirus (COVID-19), Perseverance Pest Control (PPC) released information pertaining to the transmission of the coronavirus by bed bugs on their blog today, commenting, “In general, the virus doesn’t appear to be transmitted by bed bugs or other pests. The most up to date information on the coronavirus and possible transmission routes remains the Center for Disease Control (CDC).”

The company stated, “From what we’ve read on websites that provide trusted information, such as the CDC’s website, we see no reason to believe that bed bugs will transmit the virus.” PPC went on to say, “As far as we can tell, it is transmitted human to human, even mosquitoes and ticks, the most common vector pests, don’t appear to be transmitting the sickness.”

As mentioned on the company website, “It may seem reasonable to assume that bed bugs are vector pests because many blood feeding arthropods are, but there has been little evidence to support the assumption. That’s not to say it’s impossible, the jury’s still out, but current opinion is that they are not vector pests.” The company also noted, “While bed bugs may not be a concern for transmission of the coronavirus, the allergic reactions they cause are real, and they affect some people a lot more than others.”

With the increase of bed bug infestations all over the State, PPC wasn’t surprised that their new and existing customers were concerned about transmission of the coronavirus. The company stated, “It’s pretty common that we start to get a lot of questions related to transmission of diseases by pests any time a new virus or disease is discovered. It’s totally understandable that people become concerned. Pests carry a lot of diseases and people want reassurance that they’re going to be handled. We always provide as much info as we can and direct people to the CDC and local health department websites.”

Perseverance Pest Control is an Indianapolis company providing pest control services throughout Indianapolis and surrounding areas. They remove ants, rodents, and many other pests, including bed bugs. For more about the services they offer in Central Indiana please visit their website here:


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