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Press Release

Worldex has open to the world for the sign up of blockchain transformation

WorldEx's operating entities SINGAPORE UXGK FOUNDATION LTD.,created a blockchain based application technology. Digital assets and smart contracts preset through distributed business model system,the targeted digital marketing system has been implemented to solve many pain points and puzzles of enterprises and projects around the world.

Combining the advantages of industrial Internet service in the past 10 years,innovate a complete enterprise blockchain reform 3.0 plan, through income prepositioning、asset digitization、project granulation、equity blockchain and other ways,provide Internet and blockchain transformation path for real economy. Low cost, deep binding with a large number of interest communities, rapid recovery of cash flow, solve the problems of operation and management.

Its R & D center can provide technical platform output for enterprises participating in blockchain reform;Provide complete and independent solutions for Industry Cloud and city cloud;Provide a complete solution for blockchain public chain technology; Use platform software, hardware and R & D technology to fully incubate the ecology. Specific consultation please contact — WeChat: winhighly; Email:; Official or

At the beginning of 2020, two enterprises cooperated with their projects to successfully participate in the blockchain reform.

First, the first blockchain reform project of Cambodia's Liaoshen Special Economic Zone, "Dawan District No.1" digital real estate - CGBA. Sihanouk, Cambodia, has a suitable temperature throughout the year and no disaster in a thousand years, and it is under the favorable situation of vigorously developing and constructing in an all-round way. The project is approved by the Prime Minister of Cambodia, and will attend the commencement ceremony together with governor Sihanouk. WorldEx has planned a complete "digital real estate" blockchain reform plan for it, and listed CGBA digital assets for it. Each CGBA represents part of the Income right of one square meter of land in "one bay area", users worldwide can participate in this project,all holders of the asset will receive a corresponding amount of real estate exchange coupons and dividend income within three years, It can also enjoy all kinds of consumption coupons, visas, VIP channel services and other rights and interests in the project. Before the equity is delivered, the asset can circulate in the ecology and has unlimited potential value. Specific consultation please contact — WeChat: winhighly; Email:; Official or

The second is RICE, a upland rice project of China Xinjiang Bojinhanmii Co., Ltd,WorldEx has planned a complete "digital agriculture" blockchain transformation plan for it, at present, the digital asset has been successfully listed in worldex ecosystem. Upland rice is a pure "green food", which is mainly characterized by being planted in the desert (dry land), the resulting rice is weakly alkaline (pH 7.2) and a positive food, It is said that characteristics of rice, nutrition of millet. Because of the gene sequence of upland rice seeds, in the growth period, it has the characteristics of non absorption of agricultural residues and chemical residues, its own R & D and production base of organic bacterial fertilizer, the technical backbone of the base is mainly composed of several agricultural scientists at the national level in China.The upland rice project will graft the block chain bottom technology of Singapore uxgk to realize agricultural digitalization, every grain of rice produced is labeled with the blockchain label, which is the only dry rice organic rice in the world. The project uses each rice asset to anchor part of the income of half mu land of upland rice in Xinjiang, China,users worldwide can participate in this project, the asset holder will receive a corresponding amount of dividend income and rice within ten months. Before the equity is delivered, the asset can circulate in the ecosystem, At present, it has been recognized and actively participated by the majority of users, and there is unlimited room for appreciation. Specific consultation please contact — WeChat: winhighly; Email:; Official or


At present, Worldex's blockchain transformation plan and implementation plan, also a large number of participating enterprises and projects are under review, And has officially opened opportunities for participation around the world. The threshold for the first batch of enterprises to participate is: 1. The annual turnover of the enterprise is more than 10 million; 2. The cumulative number of online members of the enterprise is more than 10000 (or the number of convertible members); 3. The enterprise can provide corresponding digital asset equivalent products or services; 4. The proportion of the enterprise's dividend profit is more than 3%; 5. Online business is preferred and high-frequency consumption is preferred; 6. During the inspection period, the enterprise needs to complete all the assessment indicators set by the platform (such as: number of drainage members, number of pre-sale subscriptions, etc.); 7. The enterprise shall be equipped with a professional operation team for subsequent implementation and service;8. Enterprises with professional marketing ability and community management ability are preferred.

The selection scope of the first batch of preferred blockchain transformation enterprises will be given priority: 1. Famous chain brands, such as Gucci, Nike, McDonald's, Carrefour, Watsons, etc; 2. High quality enterprises whose turnover, gross profit and number of members reach certain targets; 3. Consumer enterprises, high margin enterprises, high-frequency industries, such as catering, retail, tourism, chain, hotel, game, e-commerce, membership enterprises, short video live broadcast, cinema, beauty, cosmetics, etc; 4. Light assets, high degree of online, high degree of completion of member data. Specific consultation please contact — WeChat: winhighly; Email:; Official or


All enterprises participating in the blockchain transformation will be able to obtain the raised funds in the exchange; Forming a community of interests with a large number of members; It can also obtain marketing system tools to solve business problems; As well as the technology application services provided by the research and development center of Singapore UXGK foundation. WorldEx will provide a complete business plan for blockchain transformation, as well as the complete service of the company's online WorldEx; For high-quality enterprises, asset planners can also be equipped for one-to-one services and team management guidance services; This will completely solve the problem of raising funds for all walks of life and bind a large number of interest communities for enterprises, so as to achieve the open, CO built and public access concept of digital business system based on the underlying technology services of blockchain.

Welcome partners and entrepreneurs from all over the world to consult and participate,jointly develop the digital economy!

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