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Author Malene Bendtsen Launches a Mind-Shifting Marketing Book for Small Entrepreneurs

With over fifteen years of experience in enhancing business results through creative business modeling and marketing strategies, author Malene Bendtsen finally offers a book that will help personals brand market themselves.

Copenhagen, Denmark - February 19, 2020 - Author Malene Bendtsen is pleased to announce the launch of her new book, Marketing Made Human: The Art and Science of Creating a Lovable Brand.” The new thought-provoking book is a practical marketing guide for the 2020s for personal brands. It breaks down concreted beliefs and perceptions around marketing, supporting entrepreneurs to fall in love with marketing.

Today, more and more business individuals are muddled and stalled by the ever-changing marketing monster and encounter a discrepancy between personal values and common marketing practices. The truth is the only influential force in the marketing world of 2020 is consumers, powered by technology and in alignment with user-centric visions and derived strategies of social media.

Inside the pages of Marketing Made Human: The Art and Science of Creating a Lovable Brand, marketers and business leaders alike will learn the importance of fundamental human desires and their role in buying decisions, and how addressing them directly could open up new ways of approaching the marketing role that are much more in alignment with what consumers want and in reality act.

The book is loaded with practical and eye-opening concepts that will help marketers put human connection and critical human desires at the core of their marketing. Thus, it will help release the discomfort and fear of entrepreneurs that are often connected with marketing.

Malene’s Marketing Made Human book aims to present personal brands on how they could transform their mind about marketing and provide tips on how to have fun, enjoy and see the value for the prospect in the process. Instead of applying strategies commonly used by corporate brands, personal brands have the advantage of being human already at its core. People want to connect with humans. Not polished corporate brands.

Bendtsen explains, After searching for resources about human marketing, I realized how few were accessible. Pulling from my presentations and teaching, this book shows offer a framework to create novel marketing strategies that will be useful to any personal brand who truly cares about their customers.”

"Marketing Made Human is a transformative book full of insight, inspiration, and clear instructions for companies and entrepreneurs to seize the opportunities in the new era of people driven marketing that aims to serve and support your customers to unfold their human aspirations. With research-based wisdom and extensive practical experience Malene redefines our understanding of marketing from cold selling to warm relation building, she outlines strategic frameworks for building a human marketing and business development plan, and she gives clear guidance to optimize algorithms and build your brand and customer communities on social media platforms. I simply love it!"
- Louise Koch, Strategic Advisor & Keynote Speaker, Sustainable Innovation Lead. Corporate Sustainability Director, International Region, Dell Technologies.

"This book changed how I feel about sales and marketing. Malene simply hacked the way we traditionally viewed marketing. As a purpose-driven leader, I now see my role as a marketer in a different light and I realize marketing is about generosity and giving to the person in front of you, what you wish you could give to many. Marketing is about caring for people. Its not about you. I loved how this book explains the sources of my previous struggle and offers a way to implement a new way of marketing my business that is much better suited to who I am and what people want."
- Tanja Steffe Nøhr, Solopreneur, Public Management Coach & Social Sustainability Activist

The book will also present a complementary workbook with templates to complete the exercises, a complimentary three-day mini-course to help people connect strongly with their audience, and an invitation to join the Marketing Made Human Community in the journey to put human connection at the heart of marketing, resources, sharing ideas and strategies.

Malene’s self-published book will be launched on February 23 and will be available on Kindle, Hardcover and Softcover. Interested readers can check it out on Amazon today.

About Malene Bendtsen

Malene Bendtsen helps small business owners rule their niches by starting or taking their business online, add new profit streams, build and balance automated sales funnels with human connection. Raising personal brand status through self-published signature books and social media presence are cornerstones of her business. Before publishing this book, she was the editor and book coach of dusins of other non-fiction books published by personal brands.

To learn more about Malene’s new book, call her at +4550180599 or send her an email at Visit her official website at to find out more about the services and programs she offers.

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