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Press Release

OxyStrap® Fitness Tracker Launching Soon

San Diego, CA - A new fitness tracker will soon be available to the general public. The OxyStrap® fitness tracker provides accurate and real-time audio announcements of body vital signs—oxygen saturation, heart rate, and body temperature while one is on the move. Tracking enhances both safety and performance results. It is embedded in an aesthetically attractive moisture-wicking headband. It was developed by a dedicated team of extreme sports athletes, engineers, and medical doctors who specialize in fitness.

Activity or fitness trackers are a type of wearable computer. The concept grew out of written logs made manually by people tracking their fitness activity. With improvements in technology in the late 20th century, automatic monitoring and recording wearable devices came into the market. Many early devices recorded speed, time, distance, and steps that were worn on the wrist. Models then began monitoring calorie expenditure & heart rate. OxyStrap® is unique and different from the typical fitness tracker. Unlike most fitness trackers that are worn on the wrist or the chest, OxyStrap® is worn on the head. The head has a plentiful blood supply and a central body location, which is essential for the accuracy of heart rate and oxygen saturation when one is performing an activity and on the move. The wrist does not have the same features and can not provide the same accuracy.

OxyStrap® is the only fitness tracker that provides real-time audio announcements of accurate heart rate, body temperature, and O2 saturation when one is on the move. No other fitness tracker provides O2 saturation, which is the level of oxygen in the body. Oxygen saturation is essential for both safety and performance.

A leading physician on the OxyStrap® development team, Dr. Ron Gertsch M.D., says, “It’s the most effective fitness tracker, and it provides all the data you need to enhance your performance results and your safety. It will alert you to dropping blood oxygen levels, rising body temperature, and extreme changes in heart rate, which are signals to stop physical activity. The OxyStrap® will announce your data at a user-selected frequency, so there’s no need ever to stop, slow down, or take the focus off your activity to look at a display.”

OxyStrap® is reliable even under adverse conditions such as dehydration, low blood pressure & low environmental temperatures. The OxyStrap® syncs with both IOS & Android smartphones and smartwatches, so in addition to providing body vital signs data, the wearer can listen to music, receive phone calls and receive other fitness data such as speed, distance, steps, time, altitude and calories burned. The OxyStrap® has a wireless inductive charger, a user-friendly free app, an adjustable, slip-resistant headband, and many other features.

Since the OxyStrap® accurately tracks heart rate when used during physical activity workouts, it helps the user achieve the ideal workout intensity by getting the heart pumping at the ideal target heart rate. The user receives the best possible results.

The OxyStrap® fitness tracker will be launched to market this Spring on a Kickstarter campaign. Look for more information on OxyStrap® coming soon at


For more information about OxtStrap, contact the company here:

Dr. Ron Gertsc
(800) 699-6901
8705 Complex Dr
San Diego
CA 92123

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