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Press Release

Fresh Start Home Sales Publishes Business Owners Guide To Buying Lease Option Homes

Snellville, Georgia based Fresh Start Home Sales has penned a new article explaining why business owners should consider renting a house with an exclusive right to buy. The local real estate experts have invited the community to see more posts here that expand further on their views.

While lease agreements have gained popularity among homebuyers across the US, there still remains a worrying lack of understanding of how these agreements work, keeping a significant part of the population who could benefit from their use away from the opportunities they have at hand. Prompted by this lack of knowledge, along with their commitment to the community, Fresh Start Home Sales has decided to share their insight through a new blog article that outlines how lease agreements work, their benefits and what homebuyers have to do when considering whether they should sign one of these agreements in order to protect and secure their investment.

"This topic is one of the most common points of concern among our clients, who will reach out to us seeking guidance and insight into what this agreement means for them and how they can benefit if they sign on the dotted line," says Fitz Thompson, a representative of Fresh Start Home Sales. "While we are glad to answer these questions whenever they are posed, we decided that creating an online resource that they can refer to at any time is the most sensible approach. With this document, you now have all the information you need before signing a lease agreement at the tip of your finger at all times. However, you should also know we are still available and ready to answer any further questions you may have regarding this topic."

Fresh Start Home Sales states that the first thing a homebuyer needs to know is that, while a lease agreement shares various similarities with rental agreements with the option to buy, some key differences set these two apart. For instance, most lease agreements stipulate that the responsibility to make repairs falls on account of the renter, who will also be making a higher than average rent payment each month. This completely changes the way the lease should be approached, as the renter is encouraged to inspect the property thoroughly before signing the agreement, seeking any repairs that may need to be done soon.

"Talking and negotiating with the homeowner is key in this situation as you want to have clear terms on what kind of repairs fall under your responsibility as a tenant. It is in your best interest to put a limit on how much you are willing to spend in a house that you do not own yet," states Thompson. He adds, "Paying for maintenance of the property's appliances is fair, but if the house's roof is damaged by a storm, this is most certainly not your responsibility as a tenant, even if you do end up buying the house at the end of the lease agreement. These are all things you want to talk about and discuss beforehand, as you do not want to have to deal with any misunderstandings of this kind. You can see our video series on YouTube if you want further information on this topic, as we go deep into details regarding what you want your lease agreement to be like."

Thompson adds that it is also worth noting there are several benefits to signing a lease agreement, such as getting to live in the property and experience what it is like before buying. A lease agreement also protects the buyer in case the property's price were to increase, as they are guaranteed exclusive rights to buy the home at the price agreed at the time that the contract was signed.

The company's website includes further information describing how a Fresh Start Home Sales specialist can help sign a fair lease agreement and guide their clients throughout the entire process. Interested parties may also contact Fitz Thompson to follow up on any further inquiries. Thompson adds, "Please visit and Like our Facebook page to stay abreast of our latest news and updates on the real estate market.”


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