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Tejjy Inc. Expanding BIM Resource Sharing & Staffing for AEC Professionals

Tejjy Inc. is playing a significant role in talent acquisition for sourcing, recruiting and retaining BIM workforce.

Feb. 13, 2020 / PRZen / WASHINGTON -- BIM is playing a significant role in talent acquisition, including identifying, profiling, qualifying, sourcing, recruiting and retaining the workforce. Since Building Information Modeling is reshaping the construction industry, companies are facing challenges in terms of aligning intellectual training with the business opportunities associated with BIM. Efficient talent acquisition for the AEC industry seems to be among the list of priorities these days.

Tejjy Inc. – a BIM, Engineering, Construction Management, Permit Expedition & Architectural Service provider based in Washington DC is appointing BIM resources for AEC professionals. Hiring the right BIM candidate is never difficult with Tejjy Inc. as the BIM experts of the company can thoroughly understand the project prerequisite, making an apt BIM deployment plan for the AEC professionals.

Sukh Singh, the Vice President of Tejjy Inc. stated – "Our BIM Specialists can rightly assess the technical & practical experience of candidates before hiring and can create a suitable BIM organization chart. They help employees upgrade their skills by showing the best technique of working with software platforms as well as making practical BIM usage to get the best out of new technologies."

To ensure project safety and success, BIM consultants of Tejjy Inc. provide a framework for the AEC Project Stakeholders. BIM Resource Staffing Plan of Tejjy Inc. includes Mock-ups for reshuffling multi-discipline connections, Software suggestions for BIM environment, Orientation for BIM roles and BIM delivery for project stakeholders.

Using BIM technique, the BIM managers of Tejjy Inc. deliver resource efficiency for Civil Engineers, Building Designers and Site Teams. Competent resource management with BIM helps the Civil Engineers to make effective quantity excavation and material management. The Building Designers avail the benefits of reduced material usage, proper evaluation of design and structural options, low embodied carbon component selection and minimum wastage through design coordination. The Site Team members get the advantages of improved logistics planning, delivery management, reduced wastage of materials, energy and water usage on-site and actual record maintenance of materials and embodied carbons.

Tejjy Inc. is looking at the BIM workforce as a special niche in the AEC industry.

Call at 202-465-4830 or email us at to outsource your BIM deployment and resource hiring requirements. To know more, visit

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