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Press Release

Mediabase Reporter Confirms Traliece B.'s New Song 'Forever Love' is Fitting For Urban Commercial FM Radio Airplay

Originally from New Orleans, Traliece B. is a Dallas-based Christian vocalist and violinist. She received confirmation from Mediabase reporter, her new single 'Forever Love' received airplay on urban commercial FM radio. With its eclectic and diverse sound, 'Forever Love' is inspirational with a seamless blending of classical, jazz, and rhythm and blues elements. The positive responses from mainstream radio stations is a testimony that Traliece B. have a gift to perform.

Jan. 29, 2020 / PRZen / HOUSTON -- The Production

A stellar creator, Traliece B. wrote and played violin on the jazzy and uplifting 'Forever Love,' sharing with us her resilient response to heartbreak. Traliece B.'s divine vocals glide over the spirited beat, subliminally showing reconciliation back to God——with playful, precise keystrokes, this song without a doubt sends positive vibes. She uses the memorable lyric "you're my forever love" consistently, making it known how her Abba Father has always been and will always be her Beloved. 'Forever Love' is masterful and fluid, effortlessly embodying the eternal love of the redeemer Jesus Christ. So, like Traliece B., be encouraged to stand taller with the strength of God whenever adversity appears. Strong faith is transcendent.

Behind The Song

"['Forever Love'] was inspired during my prayer time with my Abba Father. I was on the floor in my living room weeping and upset after learning that a man I was in love with at the time did not love me back. I felt extreme hurt and rejection at the time as well as embarrassment...."

Like others, Traliece B. has also experienced heartbreak, and heartbreak can evaluate your faith. It assesses your faith in God, in others, and in yourself. However, after the moment of cathartic cry, Traliece B. heard from the Lord just how happy He was to love her the way she deserves.

About The Artist

Traliece B. is the founder and CEO of the Wilde Jehu Music record label, a phenomenal violinist, vocalist, and songwriter — blessed to have gotten her start as a musician at a young age. Today, her impressive and sought-after artistry was included in the Grammy-nominated "Symphonic Polka" live album with Brave Combo.

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Press Release written by Taylor Valery with Devine Jamz Gospel Network. Devine Jamz Gospel Network helps artists create their path to the mainstream through music marketing management.

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