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PAZ Foundation of PazCoin, an international organization OMPP / WOFP certified cryptocurrency, will host a “Spain Meetup”.

PAZ Foundation of PazCoin, an international organization OMPP / WOFP certified cryptocurrency, will host a “Spain Meetup”.

The PAZ Foundation of PazCoin, an official cryptocurrency of the international organization OMPP / WOFP, said it will hold a meetup on February 28, 2020, at the InterContinental Hotel in Madrid, Spain.

The Spain Great Meetup, which includes financial officials, blockchain experts, international organizations, and journalists from more than 30 countries around the world, including Korea, Spain, Italy, and France, introduces the PazCoin and Paz system and demonstrates the overall process.

It is also scheduled to announce the launch of the WHBANK (World Humanitarian Bank) and the official interaction between WHBANK and the PAZ Remittance System.

An official of the Paz Foundation said, “We plan to list one or two international global exchanges after the Spain Meetup, and invite Korean representatives from around March to April to hold a Korean Meetup and then prepare for the listing of a large domestic exchange.” Currently, PazCoin is listed and traded on the LATOKEN Exchange. (

Originally, the Spain Meetup was scheduled for January 25, but the date was adjusted on the January 16 and 17 meetings of the OMPP/WOFP Rome Conference, which agreed to co-host the World Bank WHBANK ceremony and the PazCoin Spain Meetup.

At the meeting in Rome, Antonio Hyun Jong Lee, Secretary General of Asia Pacific, CPO and Founder of PAZ Project, was appointed as Vice President of the World Bank WHBANK, founded by OMPP/WOFP. In addition, PAZ (Peace Always DMZ) Park is named after Korea DMZ Peace Park, promoted by OMPP/WOFP.

The Vatican is also expected to participate in the Paz Project.

An official from the Paz Foundation said, "We are promoting official participation of the Vatican Justice Minister Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio and the Vatican."

PAZ System Center will also be established in PAZ Park. They look forward to making the use of PAZ Remittance System for remittance of third world workers and the PAZ System for World peace known worldwide.

Meanwhile, Secretary-General Antonio Hyun Jong Lee was selected as the Peace Hero of Balkan Club of Peace, a global international organization on the Balkan Peninsula. Won Soon Park, Mayor of Seoul, was previously selected as the Peace Hero. The selection of the Peace Hero will change the status of the PAZ project in the global market, along with economic cooperation with the Balkans and European countries. Osmo Vatres, Head of the Balkan Club of Peace and respected NGO leader in the Balkan Peninsula countries, agreed with Antonio Hyun-Jong Lee to formally participate and co-host the PAZ Meetup in Madrid, Spain.

The Paz Foundation official said, “We are expected to participate in the Paz projects in Albania, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Moldavia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Turkey. With the participation of prime ministers and influential people from each country, European countries will be fully engaged in an innovative remittance system utilizing the PAZ system.”

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