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Hongji shines at CES 2020, and new brand will soon land in Europe and America

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / January 14, 2020 / 2020 International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) held in Las Vegas, USA, from 7th Jan. to 10th Jan. is drawing attention of everyone who works in the global science and technology industry. Besides those well-known technology giants, global automobile leaders and emerging travel technology enterprises also choose the show as a debut stage for their new brands and products, which marks a new stage of the integration of technology and travel.

Hongji, the micro travel brand from China, has exhibited a number of new vehicles in the Las Vegas Convention and Exhibition Center, including "Stone", the new Ebike product. Meanwhile, Hongji has announced that its new consumer brand, RYDE 85° will enter the European market. Hongji will officially release RYDE 85° in the Europe and America in the first half of 2020.

"Stone" launched in Las Vegas this time is an upgraded version of the Eurobike in Friedrichshafen Germany, which enjoys a greater completion. "Stone" is a small-wheel foldable bike eliminating all unnecessary decorations. Hongji adopted an extremely simplistic Bauhaus design style in the "Stone". By only keeping the most fundamental modules (less than 10 modules), Hongji allows the customer to upgrade or rebuild each and every module independently.

Ever since it was founded, Hongji team has invested more and more in the R&D of two-wheel shaft-driven system. "Stone" adopted the two-wheel shaft-driven transmission system "Hj-Drive", which the Hongji team has developed and optimized for a quite long period of time. The system was also used and proved in Mobike Classic model and "Flying Dragon" model, which won the Gold Award on 2019 China Cycle for Hongji. The upgraded enclosed shaft-driven transmission system has higher efficiency and is maintenance-free for a lifetime. The rider's clothes won't get tangled into the wheels during the ride thus increasing the ride safety. The battery is removable, providing a fuss-free and more flexible charging experience.

"Stone" frame uses a new alloy material and the molding technique only adopted in the manufacturing of auto and high-speed motor. The one-step molding ensures the lightweight as well as the overall frame aesthetic and strength. This E-bike can be folded within 3 seconds and it requires minimal maintenance and even zero after-sales service in the promised time period.

At CES 2020, no matter on intelligent cars or driverless cars, it has become the industry consensus to reduce energy consumption and improve riding experiences by intelligence. As the dark horse in short distance travel area, Hongji has made tremendous efforts to apply the intelligent technology to its products.

Equipped with the intelligent APP, its two-wheel shaft-driven "Hj-Drive" transmission system and the wheel hub motor, Hongji's "Stone" E-bike, as IoT equipment, is directly connected to the big data back end via the mobile phone. It can automatically adjust the power aid from the motor depending on the terrain conditions, providing a comfortable and relaxing journey even for a ride with over 10 miles distance.

According to Emma Wang, Hongji's COO, "Stone" can accommodate both the cycling exercise purpose and commuting demands. Its target customer group includes the young urban workers and college students. In CES 2020, Hong Ji will release a new consumer brand RYDE 85°, and "Stone" will enter the European market as a strategic product. Hongji aims to be the most professional micro-mobility and intelligent transportation solution provider in the world. With the mission of re-inventing the bike, the new brand will provide consumers with a new option of bike travel.


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