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Press Release

Kevin Taylor Celebrating 40 Years of Performance Plastic Industry Service

Kevin “Taylor” has reached an incredible milestone with his 40th year in Performance Plastics experience. The ins and outs of the industry aren’t as simple as many think, and Taylor uses his 40 years of experience and his fantastic person-to-person communication skills to consistently prove an old dog needs no new tricks. Kevin Taylor is a loving husband and proud father of 4 kids and 3 grandkids. He is active in his community and local church. Kevin Taylor Family Man

Outstanding sales techniques and superior customer service take hardened experience, and Kevin Taylor is the most experienced at Industrial Plastic Supply, Inc. of Anaheim, California. Taylor started his career at a small plastic distribution company that focused on Acrylic, which 40 years ago was one of the only popular plastics. Starting and maintaining his career at IPS has allowed Taylor to prove his strengths and fulfill his outside-sales position through his excellent commitment and work ethic. His ongoing dedication to his career is noticed often by his coworkers and by upper management, and certainly his client base.

“Kevin Taylor is one of the most honest and hardworking people I’ve had the pleasure to work beside,” said Hayden Hess, President of IPS, “He truly puts his all into making this business succeed, and has since I met him.” As one of the most respected customer service people in the plastic industry, Taylor continues to work on improving his knowledge and customer service. Many people quit working as soon as they get a job, that certainly isn’t true of Kevin Taylor. Many suppliers speak of Taylors’ tireless approach to solving clients complex problems and he is constantly looking for beneficial solutions to clients issues.

Taylor exhibits the techniques he has learned from his training through the IAPD (International Association of Plastics Distribution) certification he has completed, which allows him the opportunity to boast about his Level One and Level Two certification. He also works to assist his coworkers in their continued plastic education. Taylor prides himself in the fact that he is a life-long learner, and really enjoys the challenge of learning new things about the Performance Plastic materials. One common saying his coworkers hear from Taylor, is “keep moving forward”. The result of his constant moving forward, is that after 40 years, Taylor is still a leader in the Performance Plastic marketplace.

Taylor also speaks highly of his time with Industrial Plastic Supply, and is proud to serve his clients with the best American made Performance Plastic materials. “Having one of the largest inventories of American made mechanical and engineering plastics on the West Coast, makes my job easier and more fulfilling,” states Kevin Taylor. Kevin Taylor Celebrated 40 Years in Performance Plastic Industry

Industrial Plastic Supply has been serving a wide range of clients in a wide range of industries since 1975. Some of the many market sectors served range from Semiconductor and Aerospace to Medical and Food Processing, Material Handling, Machining Companies and MRO buyers. Because of the focus on such a wide range of industries, Industrial Plastic Supply became ISO 9001 certified in 2014, and continues to stay current with this Quality Control System developed by ISO (International Organization for Standardization). The current version of the ISO specification is ISO 9001:2015, which Industrial Plastic Supply continues to be 100% compliant, and has annual audits with no findings.

Kevin Taylor is the Outside Sales Manager for the Orange County, California territory.


For more information about Industrial Plastic Supply, Inc., contact the company here:

Industrial Plastic Supply, Inc.
Hayden Hess
2240 S. Dupont Dr.
Anaheim, CA 92806

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