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Press Release

ThermaGear Announces Release of its Nano-Carbon Technology for Commercial Use

ThermaGear comes in a thin-film membrane pad or a liquid polymer.

Jan. 14, 2020 / PRZen / SALT LAKE CITY -- March 1st, 2020, is the launch date for the first production run and release of the ThemaGear flagship product. In addition, the liquid form of the product called ThermaGear Ink will start shipping on the same date. The product will be manufactured at the ThermaGear production facility located in Salt Lake City, UT.

"We believe that Nano-Carbon Technology in the heating industry can parallel Moore's Law for microchips in technology. It will simply transform the heating industry, exponentially increasing durability and longevity while driving cost and product size down," says Andrew Conner, CEO of Thermagear.

ThermaGear product is positioned to disrupt the heating element industry through the use of this patent-pending graphene-based technology. ThermaGear products are applied through various types of substrates to include a liquid form, which enables customization to a variety of applications. The use of graphene enables the manufacturing of a superconductivity product at practically film type thickness that is waterproof, resilient to many forms of stress, including tears, punctures, and folds. ThermaGear specializes in working with Industrial Designers for prototypes and customization.

ThermaGear Composition is made up of some of the strongest and most conductive nano-carbon materials in the world, graphene. It is waterproof and resilient to many forms of stress, including tears, punctures, and folds. The sizes of sheets can be tailored to your needs, and traces can be customized with different patterns depending on design needs. Voltages range from 6v to 120v.

Conner also adds, "During initial production runs, we will be operating in small batches for training and to ensure quality control. We are going to make a limited quantity of material available for samples to a select group of Industrial Designers during the month of February. Delivery will be somewhat sporadic, but we have had a great deal of interest, and Industrial Designers just wanted to get their hands on it." If you are interested in a sample, please make a request on our website contact form.

TheremaGear products will soon be available and seen in industries like clothing, flooring, roofing, outdoor stadiums, automobile, and food delivery.  For more information, visit

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