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Press Release

FTL in Los Angeles Continues Educational Program on Personal Finance

FTL in Los Angeles, California, has revealed that they are continuing their educational program for Los Angeles residents on personal finance, particularly on how to survive during difficult times. This is vital because of the unusually high cost of living index in Los Angeles, which is 173.3, with 100 being the US national average and the state of California having a cost of living index of 149.9. This means that while living in the state of California is already expensive, it is even more expensive in the city of Los Angeles. It is therefore not surprising that residents of Los Angeles often find themselves in financial difficulty and need to find funds to pay their bills. More about this assistance that FTL can provide may be gleaned at

A spokesperson for FTL says, “We would like the residents of Los Angeles to know that we are continuing with our educational program on how to survive during difficult times. One major contributor to the high cost of living in the city is the high cost of homes and rent. With rent being a monthly expense, many Los Angeles residents are barely surviving from month to month. If an unexpected expense like a hospital bill suddenly comes up, many of them will find themselves lacking in funds and looking for a way to get some financial assistance.”

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), prices in the Los Angeles area, as represented by the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U), decreased by 0.3 percent in November 2019. While this may seem to be a bit of good news, a look a the CPI-U over the last 12 months will quickly disillusion anyone who thinks prices are finally going down in Los Angeles because the CPI-U for that period increased by 3.2 percent. This means that the overall trend is an increase in consumer prices for Los Angeles, which in turn means that living in this particular city is becoming more difficult.

With the economic situation in Los Angeles being a difficult one for most residents, financial emergencies are a common occurrence. And it is at this time that FTL in Los Angeles can provide some help. This is important because conventional sources of financial help like banks have requirements that many people might not be able to comply with plus the fact that banks usually take a long time to make a decision on an application. Those who would like to know more about FTL in Los Angeles can check out their website for auto title loans Los Angeles, California.

Typically, FTL can provide financial assistance of up to $50,000 and this can be provided in much less time compared to a bank. Also, banks will not offer assistance to people who have a poor credit history. FTL is different in that it is only required for the applicant to have a motor vehicle with sufficient equity value. This is considered to be more important than the applicant’s financial credit history.

Another important advantage offered by FTL is that the approval process will take as little as 30 minutes. It is possible to submit an application online and once the application has been approved, the applicant will just need to bring the vehicle for visual inspection and for estimation of its value. The total amount of financial assistance will depend on the estimated value of the motor vehicle.

Currently, FTL has offices in various locations in California. These include Agoura Hills, Albany, Adelanto, Anaheim, Apple Valley, Aliso Viejo, Artesia, Atwater, Arcadia, Atascadero, Downey, Daly City, Burbank, Long Beach, Bell, Aliso Village in Los Angeles, Beverly Grove in Los Angeles, Fresno, Orange, Pasadena, Oakland, Santa Ana, Los Angeles, Alkali Flat in Sacramento, San Francisco, Avenal, Mission District in San Francisco, and Azusa.

Those who are interested in knowing more about the assistance that FTL can provide to people in title loans near me in California their website at to find out the nearest office for them. They can also contact the company via telephone or via email. FTL in California is open from Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.


For more information about FTL LA #3, contact the company here:


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