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Polestar Announces New Whole Body Wellness Pilates Teacher Training Courses

Polestar Australia announces new Pilates teacher training courses. They are designed to help students wishing to become teachers to understand the connection between Pilates and whole-body wellness. Polestar is considered a world leader in Pilates training, and the qualifications its graduates receive are accepted in 40 countries. After graduation, they will be ready to teach Pilates immediately.

Pilates is a low-impact method of exercise that focuses on strengthening the body’s core and working towards proper alignment and breath control. It was developed by a German, Joseph Pilates who published a book about it in 1945. He called his system “Contrology.” He also developed equipment to use as part of Pilates physical training, but the equipment was not crucial to successful exercise. In the USA alone, more than 11 million people are believed to practice Pilates regularly. The discipline requires intense focus because the way that the exercises are performed is believed to be of the utmost importance.

Joseph Pilates wrote that, "Man should develop his physical condition simultaneously with that of his mind." This philosophy is something that Polestar underscores constantly in its student training. Pilates requires precision in its movements and mental focus on the body mechanics and the present moment. When Pilates is done properly, students and teachers will focus on active use of the mind while moving the body. This gives students a much better sense of physical awareness and alignment. This understanding of the connection is crucial for those undergoing Pilates instructor training.

Initial training at Polestar begins with a complete mat work course. This course will enable students to become well versed in Pilates principles, program design and exercise sequencing techniques necessary for teaching a group mat class. It is an intensive course and in total will require approximately 285 hours for a student to obtain the certification.

Training does not end there, of course. Students will go on to an “Ultimate reformer series”, which, among other things will introduce current research in movement science, motor learning, and bioenergetics. Finally, students will attend the “Studio Rehab” series, which is a course that runs on two tracks; one aimed at those who intend to teach within a studio and one for students who intend to work with medical personnel and rehabilitation.

Student Trina M. said, “When I first heard about Pilates, I thought it was just for physical fitness. Then once I started studying, I learned how it can and usually does affect not only the whole body but the mind as well. I was really quite surprised at just how important approaching Pilates in the right frame of mind was to successful exercise.”

As a discipline and as taught by Polestar, Pilates encourages people to be mindful of the present by focusing attention on specific muscles during each movement. Studies have shown that mindfulness can contribute meaningfully when helping individuals deal with issues such as anxiety, and insomnia.

The Polestar curriculum is continuously examined so that improvements can be made to the course whenever it is deemed necessary. The company is very responsive to changing trends and needs within the discipline and makes every effort to keep the courses relevant. As part of this commitment, Polestar also offers short classes and seminars around Australia in order to provide already certified Pilates instructors with the opportunity to update and improve their knowledge.

Polestar was originally founded by Dr. Brent Anderson and Elizabeth Larkam, MA, in 1992. Dr. Anderson is a Doctor of Physical Therapy specialising in Orthopedics and is considered a world authority on medicine and performing arts, Pilates and rehabilitation techniques. Ms. Larkam is a Feldenkrais Practitioner.

Today, Polestar has over 50 core educators that teach around the world. Polestar delivers instructor training and certification through a vast network of licensees in over 40 countries. Polestar collaborates with the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) to assist in keeping the integrity of comprehensive Pilates instruction intact.

Polestar Australia is based in Brookvale, New South Wales. Further in-depth information is available on its website which is located at


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