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Press Release

Uploria Pet World Releases New Joint Supplements for Dogs

Uploria Pet World Ltd. has announced it has recently released a new and proprietary joint supplement for dogs specially formulated to its own specifications. In common with many modern companies, Uploria maintains a social media presence on Facebook and it was through its Facebook pages that the company received many questions from pet owners regarding joint problems being experienced by their dogs.

In consultation with respected veterinary practices, Uploria investigated its visitors’ concerns to establish what the company could do to provide help for worried dog owners. After months of investigative research work, the company finally perfected the formula that would be used. To ensure the supplement was of the highest quality, a world-renowned pharmaceutical company was approached to undertake the manufacture of the tablets for its supplement for dogs. The supplement is manufactured in the United Kingdom and complies with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Code of Practice and is ISO 9001 certified which both ensure product quality and safety.

joint supplements for dogs

Especially useful for the relief of pain for dogs suffering from arthritis, Uploria’s Joint Pain Supplement is specially formulated with organic powdered MSM, chondroitin powder, and glucosamine for dogs. This special formula supports damaged tissue healing and helps prevent inflammation. Powerful natural supplements aid pain relief and promote the repair of cartilage which helps improve joint function which increases a dog’s comfort and mobility. All these benefits go to provide a suffering dog with an improved quality of life.

John S., a Jack Russell Terrier owner, said, “It’s a brilliant product. Our dog Barney is really getting on in years now and had been suffering for some time. I recently came across Uploria’s supplements and I ordered some and gave them to Barney. It wasn’t long before we could see a difference – he was running around just the way he used to.” John S. came across the newly released supplement when visiting Uploria’s eBay Store as have many other satisfied owners.

Uploria Pet World, based in the United Kingdom, is an independent online pet accessories store and it specializes in high quality health supplements for pets. In addition to the newly released joint supplement tablets it also sells pet calming tablets, multivitamins, tick and flea sprays, allergy sprays, urinary and kidney tablets, diarrhea treatments, and much more under its own branded label.

All pets get older and as they age, they start to experience many of the same painful symptoms that befall human beings. From a simple stiffness to major joint pain and all points in between, dogs need their owners not only to know that they are suffering but also to know what to do about it to best help them.

Fortunately, there are many supplements available that have been especially formulated, such as Uploria’s hip and joint supplements, to help not only ameliorate the condition but actually to improve it. Regular use of the right supplements can make a real difference in an aging pet’s quality of life.

It is not just aging dogs that can benefit from regular supplement usage. Younger animals and especially those who are prone to joint problems can also benefit significantly. The demand for Uploria’s joint supplement was higher than even the company anticipated. It proved to be instantly popular and from the feedback received, very successful.

Uploria Pet World has its own website where every one of its products can be purchased but, in an effort to reach and help as many pet owners as possible, it has additional sales outlets. One of these outlets, eBay, has already been mentioned but the company has an additional store at

A spokesperson for Uploria said, “All our supplements are manufactured to the very highest of standards with the sole aim of maintaining or improving the health and well-being of the pets and pet owners that we serve. As pet owners ourselves, we understand just how upsetting it can be to watch a beloved pet suffer. We are constantly striving to add beneficial supplements such as our new hip and joint formula.”


For more information about Uploria Pet World, contact the company here:

Uploria Pet World
Carol Cole
Uploria Pet World Ltd
62 Windsor Drive

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