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Start the Dream of Writing a Book in 2020

Book Creation Service Helps Entrepreneurs Become the Hero of Their Own Story

PITTSBURGH - December 17, 2019 - (

​​Women entrepreneurs are on the rise. Economists predict more women will start businesses in 2020 than in the past two previous years combined.  This trend is just one example as to why Mike Fallat, owner of DreamStarters Publishing, is excited about the future. "Entrepreneurs are dreamers, and dreamers always have the best stories," he professes. His love of telling stories is what prompted him to launch a book creation business in 2015, and he is now touring the country promoting his upcoming new book, "BOOM".

Statistics show that 80% of people in the United States have wanted to write a book at one point in their life. Yet only 3% ever finish writing a book. That is why his service is ideal for entrepreneurs. Building a business is hard. The last thing an entrepreneur has time for is sitting down to write for hundreds of hours with no guarantee of income or completion date. So, his company offers a streamlined ghostwriting process. Mike Fallat's business can get a client's book done in as early as 30 days. 

"We have seen an incredible rate of success for our clients", Mike Fallat adds. "Marketing is about storytelling. If you can get people to see behind the curtain and into who you really are inside, then you can build a relationship with them forever."

DreamStarters Publishing is changing the way books are created and marketed on social media. If the data proves to be correct and more women entrepreneurs are going to start businesses in 2020, then the world will surely need a way to help bring entrepreneurs' stories to life the right way. When individuals write a book teaching how they solved a problem, it not only showcases how they are the hero of their stories but how they might be the hero of the reader's story too.  After all, inspiring people to take action is what heroes do on a daily basis.

Start the dream of writing a book. Mike Fallat and his team can help make 2020 a chapter to remember.

"My mom always told me that I was the author of my own life. It wasn't until I wrote a book that I knew what she meant", Mike concluded.

Mike Fallat's new book BOOM - The Firework Philosophy In Business will be available on Amazon Jan. 20, 2020.

Media Contact:
Mike Fallat
Phone: 844-266-HERO

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