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Press Release

Streamline Medical Solutions Provides Turnkey Diagnostic Medical Labs for Doctors to Use and Profit

Streamline Medical Solutions is providing in house, turnkey diagnostic medical labs for doctors to use and profit from in their own offices. Most doctors use lab testing as an important part of their diagnostic toolbox, referring their patients out to large testing companies like Lab Corp and Quest Diagnostics. This is a hassle for patients, delays their testing, and provides no profit to the doctors - since all patient and insurance money goes to the outside testing corporation.

To solve these problems, Streamline Medical Solutions is now funding, installing and operating in-practice medical diagnostic testing labs - directly in local doctors' offices, with no financial commitments from the doctor. As lab owners, doctors will split the profits of their in house lab with Streamline Medical Solutions, so they can have all the benefits of an in house diagnostic testing lab without the costs or management responsibilities inherent in having an in house lab. This means doctors can immediately test for non-blood based ailments like the flu, allergies and other medical tests in their own office - without the delays inherent in third-party lab testing. They can also order diagnostic tests knowing the profits from the testing fees go directly to them. This is a huge leap forward for local doctors and patient care.

Setting up an independent diagnostic testing lab at a medical office can be a great deal of work, which requires permits, financing, staffing, training, operations, and insurance management. Streamline Medical Solutions offers a turnkey partnership with doctors where SMS manages all of these lab operations. The doctor’s office does not have to invest in financing or lab management. Their only requirement is to provide the physical space and the request of lab tests to receive a share of the lab’s profits.

In-office labs help with more comprehensive and faster diagnostics, which aids in the reduction of over-prescribed antibiotics to patients who do not have bacterial infections. An in-office test allows doctors to quickly obtain lab results and immediately learn whether someone’s illness is viral or bacterial. Doctors can better avoid prescribing antibiotics that are not necessary for the perceived prognosis. This is beneficial for the overall health of the patient and the environment.

Streamline Medical Solutions is also committed to helping doctors grow their practice. So they partner with doctors to help improve and promote their labs and their practices. All a doctor needs to do to begin the process of having a lab operating in their office is to start a conversation. The company representative will discuss the practice and be able to quickly determine if this is a good option. They will provide detailed projections for what profits can be expected from a lab in a doctor's practice. Once plans have been discussed and agreed upon, Streamline Medical Services will set up the new lab, typically within two to three months.

The company has worked meticulously with lawyers to ensure that all legalities surrounding doctors owning their own testing labs are covered.

Streamline Medical Solutions is providing this service in New Jersey. Doctors who wish to learn how easy it is to own their own lab can click on the link, which will direct them to the SMS website ( for more information. Please reach out to Streamline Medical Solutions to learn about the amazing in-office lab opportunity. Doctors outside NJ, but within the US, may also call to learn when we expect to expand into other states.


For more information about Stream Line Medical Solutions, contact the company here:

Stream Line Medical Solutions
Jay Lopatin
(732) 553-8212 x 1102
Streamline Medical Solutions
800 Denow Rd, Suite C350 Pennington, NJ 08534

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