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Press Release

TCAN Token is committed to promoting the innovation and development of digital commercial payment with new blockchain technology

The French thinker Rousseau said in "Social Contract Theory" that the greatest injustice of mankind is that the minority obeys the majority. However, in fact, there is nothing in the world that is a minority. Everyone is born equal and independent. Independent individuals.

Creating, deconstructing, transforming, reshaping ... Breaking away from the shackles of history and reality, imagination has space; digital technology based on the Internet is leading humans to a whole new place of hope.

In the 20th century, network technology, information technology, and data technology are leading humans to gradually move from the physical world to the virtual world. The emergence of blockchain technology is the beginning of the construction of a value transmission network.

We-TChain technical team are committed to promoting the innovation and development of global digital finance with new blockchain technology.

The TChain main chain issuance will motivate the asset token TCAN as a digital trading platform itself. TCAN uses an innovative "Trading contract mining" mechanism. The system will distribute most of the profits to TCAN holders. At the same time, TCAN The holders jointly enjoy various rights and interests in community governance.

The total amount of TCAN issued is constant 100 million and conforms to the ERC-20 standard Token.As an efficient payment method and proof of personal asset rights, TCAN supports Lightning Network Payment and online gaming, entertainment, and offline physical business payment asset use and Enterprise and individual user asset tokenization; you can think of TCAN as a decentralized financial DEFI with multi-project integration.

TCAN connects a series of fields such as digital assets, exchanges, secondary markets, the real economy, and users. As long as one of the links starts to change, the butterfly effect will occur; in the current situation, TCAN will also be on the business model. Make some innovations.

As most users have a relatively low acceptance of digital tokens, TCAN will cooperate with existing payment networks to encourage physical merchants to accept TCAN payment channels in the future.

Second, TCAN will optimize instant settlement. Generally speaking, every transaction needs to be written directly into the blockchain, and blockchain consensus takes a long time. TCAN will optimize this process: it creates a between consumers and merchants Channel. Consumer transactions will be settled through the mobile pool, and merchants can immediately receive payment. The system will automatically exchange local fiat currencies; merchants can also withdraw cash to the secondary market by holding Tokens, and earn profits through the appreciation of Tokens.

In the future, users can use the bank card bound by TCAN to spend at merchants, and then the TCAN digital commercial payment function can be realized.

Generally, service providers such as VISA or Master will charge merchants the corresponding transaction fees (this fee will be affected by factors such as consumption region, consumption type, consumption amount, etc.), and then allocate a certain percentage to TCAN as the distribution income. Estimated average transaction fee sharing is about 0.5% -1% (the actual situation may change).

Adam Smith said in the Wealth of Nations, "Our dinner comes not from the good deeds of butchers, beer makers and bakers, but from their own interests."

We hope that TChain is no longer a single blockchain project, but also a fusion of multiple research results of a blockchain-based distributed ecological application, and a digital commercial payment carrier with broad community cohesion.

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