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Press Release

Roy Utah Water Damage Cleanup Company Discusses Recent Project

Bio Clean of Utah has revealed the details of a recent water damage cleanup job that they did in Roy, Utah. The Roy Utah water damage cleanup customer had called them because of the presence of water in the basement. After inspecting the home, they found that there were several locations in which the concrete window sills have been installed into the foundation of the home. The installer failed to seal the bolts after installation, which caused ground water to leak into the home.

Daryl Olsen, president of Bio Clean of Utah, says, “It was a regular water damage cleanup job, specifically a flooded basement cleanup job. A flooded basement is always troubling, but it does not have to be the end of the world as long as the right team is called in as soon as possible. Our team is well prepared in cleaning up a flooded basement.”

The first step they took was to inspect the area to make an initial assessment to make sure that the situation will be dealt with properly and that nothing important is skipped over. Water removal was done through the help of water pumps and related equipment to make sure that the basement is thoroughly dried out. It is important to get rid of the water as early as possible because the water will not just damage the assets but also the foundation, which would be more expensive to repair compared to replacing any furniture. It was for this reason that the Bio Clean of Utah team immediately went to the home and dried out the basement as early as possible.

They made sure that the damaged assets were removed without causing damage to anything else in the process. They were careful in removing all of the damaged assets from the premises and gave them to the owner along with carpet padding. This was to allow the homeowner to save all of the other items present in the basement that can still be recovered.

After removing all of the water, they proceeded to disinfect the basement. To control the development of mold and/or related bacteria in the area, it is vital to disinfect everything that has been damaged by water. Failing to disinfect the area properly might result into mold growth and bacteria growth that can get out of control and cause a major hazard for the family living in the home.

After disinfection, the team set up dehumidifiers to enhance the air quality. And it was really important to remind the homeowner on the things that can be done to prevent flooding in the basement to happen again.

Meanwhile, another important service that can be provided by Bio Clean of Utah is mold removal. Molds produce allergens and irritants that can cause sensitive people to experience the symptoms of hay fever, such as runny nose, sneezing, irritated eyes, skin rashes, including nose, throat and lung diseases. There are also toxic molds, like the black mold, that produce poisonous chemicals called mycotoxins. These toxins can interfere with cell processes and structures and can result into a number of health problems. Mycotoxins have been found to be present in the homes of people suffering from pulmonary hemosiderosis (mostly in infants) or pulmonary hemorrhage, headaches, flu-like symptoms, hair loss, immune system suppression, psychological depression, chronic fatigue, dermatitis, and sore throat.

Bio Clean of Utah will perform a mold inspection for those who believe they have mold in the home. Mold testing may be performed to measure and document the quantity and types of mold in the air. This information will be vital in the performance of the mold remediation or mold removal.

The mold remediation will have a number of steps. These are containment, where the area is isolated to prevent the spread of mold to other areas; removal of the contaminated materials and proper disposal; neutralization and cleaning of the area; and application of an anti-microbial coating to the area to prevent the recolonization of mold.

Those who are interested in cleanup services for water damage in Roy Utah can visit the Bio Clean of Utah website or contact them on the phone or through email.


For more information about Bio Clean of Utah, contact the company here:

Bio Clean of Utah
Daryl Olsen
858 North 1250 West
Centerville, Utah 84014

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