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Press Release

Introducing a new spiritual yoga & streetwear brand with a story

Welcome to the launch of a new spiritual arts & fashion label celebrating and encouraging creativity and freedom - Love & Other Necessities - for street, yoga, play, self reflection, jumping up and down, free thinking and ultimate chilling: introducing our first collection of wearable freedom drawings, with love. 


Freedom drawings came into being during a journey into the discovery of meditation and self reflection, they are made freestyle, in the moment and from the heart. Embodying lessons that helped to discover different states of being and to find the silence and the freedom we all carry inside. The drawings reflect the energy of each lesson and represent easy steps to introduce anyone to the silence inside in a simple, non-theoretical way, just by looking at them. 


Created to wrap ourselves completely in the energy of the drawings by simply wearing them and soaking it all up. By consciously wearing the drawings you are reminded of the deeper meaning and freedom that lies underneath everything and each drawing reflects this energy on a different level. This way we give fashion and the clothes we wear all day a deeper meaning, a sense of purpose next to style. 


The energy of this drawing reveals and reflects the oneness that underlies and overrides all imagined separation. Feel it and know that you are not separate, don’t try to understand it, just feel it in your heart. One is what we are. 


The energy of this drawing embodies the love which everything is made of, from which everything comes and where everything dissolves back into, the source of all that is. Feel this love that is also you and can never not be you. 


The energy of this drawing conveys the pure essence of being. Wrap yourself completely in this energy and really feel what it is to just be, don't think about it just discover it for yourself, enjoy! 


Featuring all-over print unisex sweaters, ultra comfy yoga leggings, tanks and backpacks, free to wear anyway you like; surprise us! Style them for the street or a festival, make weird combinations, stretch your heart out, move freely, let your creativity ooze out. The park, the office, on top of the world, out of space and over the moon, there are no limits. Wear whatever makes you happy, life is too short and too beautiful to be serious! 

Visit our shop at: 

• Every item we sell is made on demand to support a no-waste future. Everything is fairly made in Europe & the US, and environmentally friendly. 

• 10% of our profits is shared with other positive projects that have grown from love and which are actively contributing to this planet becoming a more harmonious, healthy and loving place. 


Love & Other Necessities is a personal project by Dirkje Bakker-Pierre aka Derrekien, a freelance creative, world travelling, meditating visual artist from Amsterdam. The Freedom Drawings series, the idea for Love & Other Necessities and the dream to share all of this with the world originated during her travels around the globe and into the world of meditation, spirituality and pure, freestyle creativity. Everywhere she went all she found was love, and her wish is to remind people of this love that is at the heart of everything.


- Derrekien

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Company Name: Love & Other Necessities
Contact Person: Dirkje Bakker-Pierre
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City: Amsterdam
Country: Netherlands

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