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Press Release

Bouchard Towing Service Launched In Chandler, AZ

Bouchard Towing, a leading provider of quality towing service, has announced that the company just opened its towing service in Chandler, AZ and nearby areas. They want the public to know about their commitment to bring the most reliable and affordable tow services in the region. They provide dependable flatbed towing, safe light and medium-duty towing, emergency roadside assistance, and auto-recovery services. To learn more about these services, please visit their website here:

Company representative, Komal Rodriguez, says, “If you get stranded because your car conked out, we will provide you the assistance you need to get you back on the road immediately. We provide different kinds of roadside assistance such as jump-start, fuel delivery, basic mechanical repairs, flat tire change, and lockout service. We also provide emergency towing to bring your car to the nearest auto mechanic shop for proper repair.”

The company offers all types of towing services that people may need including local towing, long-distance towing, and wrecking service. Emergency towing is provided to cars that endure damages that make them inoperable. These damages cannot be repaired on the spot but may require special equipment and skills. For instance, the car slid because of the slippery roads that resulted in bent rims or broken tire rod. Since it is dangerous to drive the car, emergency towing is given to haul the vehicle to the nearest auto shop. The company’s modern trucks are equipped with state of the art tools to handle the towing of all types of vehicles including wagons, off-road vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, convertibles, recreational vehicles, vans, sports cars, and luxury vehicles. Their tow trucks can also handle motorcycle towing. They can tow standard motorcycles as well as sportbikes, motocross, power cruisers, and even off-road trail motorbikes.

To ensure maximum safety of customer assets, the company employs flatbed towing, in which towed vehicle is placed on and carried by a flatbed truck or an open trailer at the back of the truck. The company’s licensed and professional tow truck drivers are also knowledgeable and experienced to ensure that customer property does not incur any scratches, dents, breaks or damages while it is being hauled.

Another application of flatbed towing is long-distance transport. The company offers this service for those who want to move their vehicles across long distances like to a different city or state. The company also uses well maintained and good-as-new service trucks for this purpose to ensure that their trucks will not end up stalling on long-distance trips. Once again, Bouchard Towing’s workers who perform the job have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to make sure that customer property will never get damaged while in transit. For other services provided by the company, please click here:

In the meantime, while Bouchard Towing has just launched its towing operations, people who have previously used their services have conveyed their deep pleasure and contentment. One such customer is Rose Prats from Paseo Crossings who says, “The tow truck driver turned my bad day into a better day. He was very kind and sympathetic to our situation. He changed our flat tires in a flash. Hopefully, I will not use their services again but if circumstances call for it, I will never hesitate to call them for help.” Lorna Romero of Raleigh Heights shares the same excellent experience with the company. She said, “With just one call, Bouchard Towing came to our rescue in minutes. Thank you for helping us in our time of need.”

Bouchard Towing is expanding its tow truck operations in Chandler, AZ and its adjoining communities such as Washoe City, Virginia City, Cold Springs, and Franktown to name a few. Residents and visitors within these areas can expect prompt and reliable service from the company. All it takes is one phone call and their towing rescue team will be on their way. Those who need more information about the company can visit here:


For more information about Bouchard Towing, contact the company here:

Bouchard Towing
Komal Rodriguez
(480) 923-7585
Bouchard Towing 562 N 54th St, Chandler, AZ 85226

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