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Splash Spas Ltd. Reporting an Increase in the Number of Consumers Buying Spas for Health Reasons

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United Kingdom, UK (PRWEB UK) 4 October 2011

Splash Spas Ltd., Britain's largest retailer of hot tubs, is reporting that more consumers are buying spas for health reasons. Consumers, particularly those who have injuries or health problems, are looking to take advantage of its health benefits.

Recent studies by NASMI or North American Sports Medicine Institute show that hot water therapy helps lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure and can also improve blood circulation. In the studies NASMI conducted, there has also been a reduction in the blood pressure of an individual during immersion in cold water.

While the blood pressure seemed to have lowered after immersing in different water temperatures, these positive effects remained with individuals who immersed in warm rather than cold water. This is particularly evident in the individual’s diastolic blood pressure.

Aside from the benefits to an individual’s blood pressure, a separate NASMI research also found that hot tub therapy helps increase blood circulation within the muscles. This is the reason why injured patients, particularly athletes, find it beneficial to spend time – at least 30 minutes every day – in hot tubs when they are dealing with an injury. This is also ideal for individuals who would like to relieve both muscle and joint soreness. The best water temperature for this is between 98 and 102 F.

The study also suggests that the increase of muscle circulation because of hot water therapy may also be able to help in healing muscle, bone, joint and connective tissue injuries. People who have been experiencing a decrease in blood circulation because of diabetes and other auto-immune diseases will also have benefits from hot water therapy.

Experts have long been researching about the health benefits of hot tubs. There have been a lot of studies done in the past and experts continue to study what its other health benefits are. It is thought that hot tub therapy can also help people with cardiovascular diseases and sleep problems. As more studies like NASMI's are published, Splash Spas Ltd. is expecting more health-conscious consumers to become interested in buying hot tubs for their homes.

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