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Utah Water Damage Discusses Recent Job

The Flood Co., a Utah water damage company based in Centerville, recently discussed a job that they have undertaken. The project home was located in Highland, Utah and suffered from water damage due to a frozen hose bib in the basement.

Daryl Olsen, a spokesperson for The Flood Co. says, “There was pretty extensive damage done to the drywall, carpet, baseboards and cabinets. Anytime water is present there is a risk to drywall and other components and a frozen and burst pipe can cause massive damage to these areas.”

Olsen adds that the company provided the homeowner with mitigation and repairs that totaled just over $10,000, which he says is much less than what that damage could have been. He says that had the homeowner not noticed the problem and called in The Flood Co when they did, the damage could have spread to the upper levels of the home and the moisture could have caused mold, which is much more expensive to get rid of once it spreads.

“A lot of homeowners may have mold and not even know it,” Olsen says. “Unfortunately, this is not something that everyone will notice instantly. And, even when water is cleaned up and no longer standing, mold can still grow if those damaged areas are not cleaned properly. This homeowner actually got by with a relatively low cost considering we have seen other companies that have come in and not cleaned the area thoroughly, which has led to massive mold growth and an even more expensive cleanup for the homeowner.”

The Flood Co provides customers in Centerville and the surrounding areas with water removal as well as restoration to floors, walls and other structures. The company employs a team of expert professionals who are ready and standing by to provide mitigation and repairs for homes that are damaged by any number of water issues. Olsen states that they have, over their many years in business, helped homeowners with roof leaks and water damage due to rain as well as burst pipes and other plumbing problems.

Olsen adds that homeowners should be warned that they should never attempt to remove any mold themselves. Mold grows in spores and moving those spores could cause them to be released into the air, which makes mold even more dangerous for those living in the home. Olsen says that whenever there is water damage present, mold is a major concern. In their recent job, the company checked thoroughly for mold, since mold grows where there is moisture.

Olsen adds that many homeowners attempt to wipe away or otherwise remove mold as a means of saving money but reiterates that this is never a good idea. He states that specialized equipment and training is needed in order to ensure that the mold is removed completely and safety so as to avoid any issues with the air in the home.

The Flood Co maintains a blog on their website that outlines the potential dangers of mold growth and of homeowners who attempt to remove that mold by themselves. The company’s blog offers more information about the various services that they provide and outlines a few of their more challenging jobs, giving consumers an idea of the work that they do for their clients.

Those who are interested in learning more can visit The Flood Co on their official website or use the contact form or information on the site to contact the company to schedule a consultation. Olsen says that those who feel that they have water damage or who have noticed a leak in their homes can contact the company and schedule an onsite evaluation where the team will check for water damage, as well as mold growth and inform the homeowner of what needs to be done in order to repair the damage and make the home safe once again. The company’s website also offers reviews from other customers who have used them in the past for water damage and mold removal.


For more information about The Flood Co., contact the company here:

The Flood Co.
Daryl Olsen
1164 W 850 N Centerville, UT 84014

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