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Press Release

Digital Fantasy Sports (DFS) Inc. creates new state of the art DFS token to finalize U. K. Financial Ltd. acquisition

Digital Fantasy Sports (DFS) Inc. creates new state of the art DFS token to finalize U. K. Financial Ltd. acquisition
"The Global Leader in Fantasy Sports"
Digital Fantasy Sports (DFS) puts it's coin holders first by creating a new state-of-the-art DFS token with a less Supply to ensure a higher token price. This is one of the final steps to ensure that UK Financial Ltd.'s acquisition will be completed and a listing on Catex Exchange will be executed before the end of August.

DIGITAL FANTASY SPORTS INC. & U.K. FINANCIAL in Final Stages of the 90 day agreement!

August is the month ($DFS) Token Holders have been waiting for since U.K. Financial preliminary agreed to back $DFS with $2.50 of Gold and Silver per token. When U.K. Financial first came onto the scene in this deal, $DFS hit new ATHs for daily volume and rose from .002 cents to as high as .08 cents - Since then they have trended in between that space.

If you are a DFS Holder / Investor please read the following to understand what the month of August brings as these are the final steps that are going to take place in the deal with Digital Fantasy Sports (DFS) Inc. and U.K. Financial.

As part of the new move to Cat.EX & to finalize our Coin Market Cap application and partnership agreement - $DFS will be re-issuing their token on a new solidity version/ contract with a new and improved reduced limited max supply. This move ensures price increase and guaranteed project growth for future partnerships. $DFS will be able to unlock all of the technical upgrades and features of their Fantasy Sports platform G.O.A.T. - continuing their pursuit to be the #1 leader of Global Fantasy Sports.

Contract upgrades include:

- Fantasy Sports (DFS) - Contract Name Update
- Updating to the latest ERC20 Solidity (0.5.10) - Security Update
- Removing ERC827 implementation - Security Update
- Adding ERC865 implementation - allowing DFS & the network to Pay transfers in tokens instead of gas, in one transaction
+ more

With a strong product, a strong token, and new users adapting Cryptocurrency for this Football/Q4 season. $DFS will be able to bring move value per token to the table and continue to grow the company. Something all $DFS Token Holders want to hear. Digital Fantasy Sports Inc. is ready to make big moves to close out 2019 as they continue to be the Global Leader in Fantasy Sports.

All  Coin holders will be notified shortly at what procedures they need to follow to swap out their old DFS tokens for there new DFS tokens. Everything possible is being done for the benefit of coin holders and every step is being made to ensure that the DFS token price reflects the upcoming book value of the gold and silver backing that takes place once this acquisition is complete.

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Company Name: Digital Fantasy Sports
Contact Person: Jeremy Munter
Email: Send Email
Phone: 702-956-7910
Address:2355 Westwood Blvd.
City: Los Angeles
State: California
Country: United States

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