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Mike Marko Publishes Post Titled “Learn SEO Basics and How They Work”

Mike Marko with IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati, Ohio has just announced the publication of a new post about how to learn SEO basics. Marko says that SEO (search engine optimization) increases the visibility of a website and can open up success possibilities for online businesses. However, he says that SEO is also not something that can be learned overnight. Nonetheless, that should not stop business owners from learning what they can about it. Marko claims that the sooner they do, the sooner they can start applying their knowledge in order to benefit their businesses.

For business owners to do that, they need to start with the basics. Marko says that he can help them with that. In his article, they can learn SEO fundamentals that every single online entrepreneur should know. After reading and digesting all of the advice and tips Marko mentions here, readers will be able to answer the question of how does SEO work.

He says that the first thing he tells people who want to know SEO fundamentals is that SEO is always changing. Business owners cannot just stay with one SEO process since the strategies that they use should reflect the updates in search engines’ algorithms. So if business owners want to learn how to improve SEO, they should learn to deal with constant updates.

Marko says too that most optimization is done for Google because most people search with it. So, he urges business owners to start with Google SEO when they learn the basics of SEO. Marko states that the very first step that they need to take to be ranked quickly is to submit their websites to Google. Google can actually find and index a site by itself as it crawls websites and indexes content, but there’s no point in waiting for Google to do it because business owners may lose traffic and valuable time that way. Because of that, Marko encourages them to directly submit their sites to Google themselves.

Marko shows business owners do it themselves in his article. He says they should index their website by submitting a sitemap manually to Google Search Console. They can just choose “submit a sitemap” and once they’re done submitting, they merely need to wait. He warns that it will not appear in the SERPs or search engine results pages immediately. It can take anywhere from a few days up to a month to appear. While waiting, Marko urges business owners to be patient and optimize their site for the time being. When the website finally appears on the SERPs or search engine result pages, they should make it rank higher as fast as possible. Marko states that in order to do this, an online business entrepreneur needs to use various SEO techniques.

The first technique that Marko mentions in his article is using on-site SEO, which refers to optimization of the website. He says that some of website optimizations are visible but others are not. However, as long as they are on the website, they are considered on-site SEO techniques. To help his readers progress in learning SEO basics, Marko shows some parts of a website that can be changed when doing on-site SEO. The first one is the page titles.

Marko notes that the page title should be seen at the top of the Internet browser when on an open web page. Furthermore, the page title should be in harmony with the contents of the webpage. In addition, a keyword in the title is needed to help the search engine and audience find a page more easily. Marko clarifies for his readers that keywords are the words or phrases that define the page content. He further says that keywords are the words people use when running searches on search engines.

Marko says another thing that business owners should know about if they want to learn SEO fundamentals for on-site optimization is the meta description. Marko describes a meta description as a feature within meta tags that describes a page. This feature appears as a piece of detailed descriptive text under a page headline. According to Marko, the meta description should give a precise description of page content. That is to let people know what they can expect from the content. In addition, it aids search engines to know how relevant the content is to a search.

Marko writes on other topics related to SEO basics and digital marketing on his website’s official blog. He and the IM Consultant Services team offer a wide range of services to business owners seeking marketing and SEO assistance. He mentions that those who are interested can contact him using the contact information provided on his website. Additionally, they can read more of his articles on his blog.

Marko says that his newest informative post is to meant educate business owners on how to profitably and properly use SEO. Those who want to know more can follow Marko to his website. He also says that whoever is looking for experienced and quality SEO and other similar services to help them improve their business can contact IM Consultant Services to schedule a consultation. Marko and his team offer extensive marketing services and provide unique consultations to develop a personalized approach to business needs.


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