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Press Release

Jul 12, 2019 10:35 UTC

Worldwide Power Wheelchairs Market Strategies and Forecasts Report 2019-2025: Breakdown of the Key Companies & Their Products -

DUBLIN--(Business Wire)--The "Power Wheelchairs: Market Strategies and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2019-2025" report from Wintergreen Research, Inc has been added to's offering.

Power wheelchair markets at $1.97 billion in 2018 are anticipated to reach $3.48 billion in 2025

Worldwide Power Wheelchairs and Personal Mobility markets are poised to achieve significant growth because the devices provide mobility and significant health benefits for handicapped users.

As the autonomous personal vehicle, the robotic personal vehicle, self-driving personal vehicle, or driverless personal vehicles evolve, they are first implemented in stages with various levels of autonomous features. As vehicles capable of sensing travel lanes and obstacles in the environment further evolve they will first be implemented as off roadways to travel slowly. The personal vehicles will begin moving with a minimal amount of human input.

The power wheelchair mobile platform is modular, integrating various components. Modular systems are developed in the context of consideration of probable specifications for the interaction of system components. Power wheelchairs are used to make people who have difficulty walking independently mobile.

The power wheelchair systems are characterized by front wheel drive, center wheel drive, and rear wheel drive, accommodating demand for different driving handling characteristics under different conditions. Vendors provide power wheelchairs that are used in indoor and outdoor environments. Designs take into consideration users with mild, moderate, and severe mobility restrictions. Users come from both the disabled and older age groups.

The core of a mobile platform is an integration system that supports adapting to numerous requirements. Modules implement payload, safety, and automatic docking. A power wheelchair platform is a combination of existing technology and autonomous robotic software. Mid IR sensor systems provide new monitoring capability. Movement sensor systems depend on microprocessor technology and specialized operating systems. Real-time software is providing increased functionality for power wheelchairs.

Market growth comes in large part from the demand for mobility from people who might otherwise be bedridden. The aging of the population is creating a growing pool of people that need power wheelchairs. This demographic is expected to expand to people who will purchase personal vehicles that have some autonomous navigation features and controls.

The technical expertise of the sales force, the effectiveness of the distribution system, the strength of the dealers, and the availability of prompt and reliable service for products are issues that need to be addressed to achieve competitive advantage.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Power Wheelchairs: Market Description and Market Dynamics

1.1 Power Wheelchair Mobile Platform

1.2 Power Wheelchair Measuring Guide

1.3 Benefits of Home Care

1.3.1 Home Health Saves Medicare Billions

1.4 Demographic Trends Driving Home Care

1.5 Power Wheelchair vs. Manual Wheelchair

1.5.1 Medicare and Insurance for Wheelchairs

1.5.2 Health Care Cost Containment Trends

1.5.3 Home Health Care And Home Medical Equipment

1.5.4 Changing Home Health Care Market Distribution Channels

1.5.5 Mainstreaming of People with Disabilities

1.5.6 Recovery And Active Lifestyles Of Disabled

1.6 Heavy-Duty Power Wheelchairs - Custom Rehab

1.6.1 Custom Power Wheelchairs

1.7 Healthcare Equipment Industry

1.7.1 Reimbursement Drives Healthcare Equipment Industry

1.7.2 Prospective Payment System (PPS)

1.7.3 Obamacare Market-Driven Reforms

1.7.4 Home Medical Equipment Industry Segments

1.8 Marketing Globally

1.8.1 U.S. Healthcare Delivery Industry

1.8.2 Competition Forms Basis of U.S. Medical Care Services Delivery

1.8.3 European Homecare Market Trends

1.9 Power Wheel Chair Distribution Channels

2. Power Wheelchairs Market Shares and Forecasts

2.1 Power Wheelchair Market Driving Forces

2.1.1 CMS Will Lessen Proposed Reimbursement Rate Reductions for Medicare Beneficiaries' Power Wheelchairs

2.1.2 Reimbursement Drives Power Wheelchair Markets

2.1.3 Power Wheelchair Encourage Mobility Of People Who Were Previously Bed Ridden

2.1.4 Power Wheelchair Market Trends

2.2 Power Wheelchair Market Shares

2.2.1 Permobil

2.2.2 Invacare Power Wheelchair Strategy

2.2.3 Sunrise

2.2.4 Pride

2.2.5 Hoveround

2.2.6 Golden Technologies

2.2.7 Heartway

2.2.8 Power Wheelchair Unit Analysis

2.3 Power Wheelchair Market Forecasts

2.3.1 Power Wheelchair Market Growth

2.3.2 Power Wheelchair Market Forecasts, Front Wheel Drive, Mid Wheel Drive, and Rear Wheel Drive

2.3.3 Front Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs

2.3.4 Mid Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs

2.3.5 Rear Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs

2.4 Custom Power and Manual Wheelchair Cushion Market Shares

2.4.1 Sunrise Medical Jay GS Wheelchair Cushion

2.4.2 Invacare Mobility and Seating

2.5 Power Wheelchair Installed Base Market Segments

2.6 Specialized Power Wheelchairs

2.6.1 Standing Power Wheelchairs

2.6.2 Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs

2.6.3 Pediatric Power Wheelchairs

2.6.4 Race and Ethnicity

2.6.5 Socioeconomic Status

2.6.6 Employment and Activity Limitation

2.6.7 Conditions Causing Disability

2.6.8 Active Patients

2.6.9 Wheelchair Market Issues

2.6.10 Wheelchair Insurance Reimbursement

2.6.11 Transportation Significant Barrier To Employment And Full Community Participation

2.6.12 Public Transportation

2.6.13 Medicare Wheelchair Spending

2.7 Power Wheelchair Prices

2.7.1 Drive Medical Wildcat

2.7.2 Drive ActiveCare Cobalt

2.7.3 Drive Medical Wildcat 450 Prices

2.8 Power Wheelchair Metrics

2.9 Power Wheelchair Regional Market Segments

2.9.1 United States

2.9.2 Europe, Middle East and Africa Markets

2.9.3 Asia/Pacific Market

2.9.4 Japan

2.9.5 Power Wheelchair Regional Market Growth Targets

2.9.6 Wheelchairs in Africa

2.9.7 Power Wheelchair Regional Growth

3. Power Wheelchairs Product Drive Placement Segments

3.1 Advantages of Rear Drive, Center Drive, and Front Drive Power Wheelchairs

3.2 Rear Drive

3.2.1 Sunrise Medical Quickie P-222 SE Rear Wheel Drive

3.2.2 Invacare TDX SI Power Wheelchair

3.2.3 Invacare Nutron R51LXP

3.3 Center Wheel Drive

3.3.1 Sunrise Quickie Drive Power Wheelchairs

3.3.2 Invacare Center-Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs -

3.3.3 Invacare TDX SC Power Wheelchair - Formula CG Powered Seating

3.3.4 Pride Center-Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs -

3.3.5 Permobil

3.3.6 Innovation In Motion V6 Frontier All-Terrain Power Chair Mid-Wheel Drive

3.3.7 Innovation In Motion X8 Extreme

3.3.8 Golden Technologies Center Wheel Drive Chairs - The Compass Series

3.4 Front Drive

3.4.1 Pride Jazzy 1450 Front-Wheel Drive Bariatric Power Base

3.4.1 Pride Jazzy Elite HD

3.4.2 Pride Jazzy Elite ES Front-Wheel Drive Technology

3.4.3 Invacare Pronto 31 Front-Wheel Drive Power Wheel Chair

3.4.4 Invacare FDX with Formula CG Powered Seating Front-Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair

3.4.5 Drive Medical Titan Power Wheelchair

3.4.6 Drive Medical Titan Power Wheelchair Front-Wheel Drive Chair That Can Be Used Both Indoors And Outdoors

3.4.7 Drive Medical Trident

3.4.8 Golden Technologies Alante Sport

3.4.9 Golden Tech Alante Sport

3.4.10 Merits Health Dualer Powerchair Front and Rear Wheel Drive Capability

3.4.11 Pride Jazzy Elite 14 Front-Wheel Drive For Maneuverability

3.4.12 Pride Jazzy Elite ES

3.4.13 Pride Jazzy Select Elite

3.5 Travel Portable

3.5.1 Invacare Nutron R51 Folding Power Wheelchair

3.5.2 Invacare P9000 XDT

3.6 Pediatric

3.6.1 Invacare Power Tiger Pediatric Wheelchair - Orbit Seating

3.6.2 Invacare TDX Spree Power Wheelchair

3.7 Pediatric Power Wheelchairs

3.7.1 Invacare Power Tiger Pediatric Wheelchair with Orbit Seating

3.7.2 Sunrise Medical Zippie ZM-310

3.8 Bariatric Power Wheelchairs

3.8.1 Sunrise Medical / Handicare

3.8.2 Pride Jazzy Elite HD Heavy Duty/High Weight Capacity Power Wheelchair

3.8.3 Pride Quantum Series 6000Z HD Bariatric Power Wheelchair

3.8.4 Pride Quantum Series Q1420 Bariatric Power Wheelchair

3.8.5 Pride Quantum Series Q1424 Bariatric Power Wheelchair

3.8.6 Pride Quantum Series Q1650 Bariatric Power Wheelchair

3.8.7 Pride Quantum Series Q600 XL Bariatric Power Wheelchair

3.8.8 Pride Quantum Series Q6400 Power Wheelchair

3.8.9 Drive Medical Trident HD Heavy Duty/High Weight Capacity Power Wheelchair

3.8.10 Invacare TDX-SI Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair

3.8.11 Permobil M300

3.9 Custom Rehab

3.9.1 HeartWay Custom Rehab Power Wheelchair

3.9.2 HeartWay Custom Rehab

3.10 Power Wheelchair Positioning Products

3.10.1 Handicare Samm

3.10.2 Sunrise Medical / Handicare Samm Mid-Wheel Power Wheelchairs

3.10.3 Handicare Puma

3.10.4 Sunrise Medical Handicare Puma 40 S-line Front Wheel Drive

3.10.5 Handicare Outdoor / Indoor

3.10.6 Handicare Puma 40

3.10.7 Handicare Puma 20

3.10.8 Handicare Luca

3.10.9 Handicare XP

3.10.10 Handicare Liam

3.10.11 Sunrise Medical Handicare Luca XL

3.10.12 Sunrise Medical Handicare Pacific

3.10.13 Sunrise Medical Handicare Atlantic

3.10.14 Handicare Luca Junior

3.10.15 Sunrise Medical Handicare Hippo

4. Power Wheelchair Research and Technology

4.1 Axle Strength

4.1.1 Sunrise Medical PosiDrive Technology

4.1.2 Sunrise Medical Freewheel Release Levers

4.1.3 Sunrise Quickie SmartSeat

4.1.4 Enhanced Recline, Eliminates Shearing Forces

4.2 Power Wheelchair Battery Technology Trends

4.2.1 Power Wheelchair LiFePO4 Battery

4.2.2 Valence U-Charge Group U1 Lithium Iron Magnesium Phosphate Battery

4.2.3 Power Wheelchair Lead Acid Batteries

4.2.4 Thin Film Battery Market Driving Forces

4.2.5 Thin Film Solid-State Battery Construction

4.2.6 Science And Medical Technology

4.2.7 Science And Medical Technology

4.2.8 Chiaphua Motors High-Performance Motors And Components

4.3 Medicare Power Wheelchair Coverage Guidelines

4.4 Hospital and Home Care Services Billing Issues

4.5 HCPCS K Billing Code Guide - DME Billing Coding

4.5.1 Medicare Reimbursement Guide for Power Wheelchair Drive Control Systems

4.5.2 Controller Electronics

4.5.3 HCPCS Coding for Drive Control Systems

4.5.4 Medicare Reimbursements CMS Agency

4.5.5 Medicare Coverage

4.5.6 Medicare Has Seen an Increase In Utilization Of The Power Wheelchair Benefit

4.5.7 Fraud Uncovered

4.6 Medicare: Manufacturer-Level Competitive Bidding Issues for Durable Medical Equipment

4.6.1 Competitive Bidding

4.6.2 Current Competitive Bidding Program

4.6.3 Selling Directly To A Government Payor

4.6.4 Medicare Beneficiaries Eligible To Receive Power Wheelchairs Under Medicare Part B Coverage Of Durable Medical Equipment

4.6.5 Medicare Specifications For Wheelchairs

4.6.6 A Lightweight Wheelchair (K0003) Is Covered When A Patient:

4.6.7 Reasons for Noncoverage

4.6.8 Wheelchair Coding Guidelines

4.6.9 Reimbursement Policies

4.6.10 Government Regulation

4.6.11 European Reimbursement Changes

4.6.12 Physical Therapy

4.6.13 Treatment Trends

4.7 Medicare Challenges and Solutions

4.8 Power Wheel Chair Technology Trends

4.8.1 Power Wheelchairs

5. Power Wheelchair Company Profiles

  • 21ST Century Scientific
  • ADI
  • AirHawk
  • Aquila Corporation
  • Aspen Seating, Llc / Ride Designs
  • C.T.M. Homecare Product, Inc.
  • Dane Technologies / Levo AG
  • Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare
  • Eagle
  • EASE Seating System
  • Golden Technologies
  • Graham Field
  • Handicare
  • HeartWay
  • Heartway Rumba S - HP4 - Mid Wheel Drive Wheelchair
  • Hoveround
  • Innovation In Motion
  • Invacare Power Wheelchairs
  • Karma Wheelchairs
  • Linix
  • Medline
  • Medort Group / Meyra
  • Merits
  • MIT
  • Motion Concepts
  • NexChair Nex(Ride) Hs-5600-silver Power Chairs Deluxe Power Chair
  • Nissin / Colours Wheelchair
  • Nordic Capital / Sunrise Medical
  • NSK
  • Otto Bock
  • Patricia Industries - Permobil
  • Permobil
  • Pride
  • Pride Quantum Rehab Custom Power Wheelchairs
  • Revolution Mobility
  • Selected Standard Wheelchair and Accessory Companies
  • Shoprider - Pihsiang Machinery MFG. Co., Ltd.)
  • TiLite
  • Whill
  • Whirlwind Wheelchair International

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