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Save Thousands on Real Estate Commissions with Portland Oregon\’s Best 1% Realtor

Save Thousands on Real Estate Commissions with Portland Oregon\\\'s Best 1% Realtor
"Save Thousands on Real Estate Commissions with a One Percent Realtor"
Are you planning on selling your home in the Portland Oregon region and want to save on the normal 6-7% real estate commissions? Lucky for you there is a broker offering 1% listing agreements with a trademarked “24/7 SELLING SYSTEM” with 30 Days of Activity to get your property SOLD.

Let me start by saying that the real estate market is changing. And if you have ever thought of selling your home without the help of a real estate agent or broker to save on the commission, then you had the best think again. FSBO means that you get to save on the listing commission when selling, but it also means a lot of paperwork for you and liabilities you may want to avoid.

Real estate commission rates can be a huge cost in selling your home. The average real estate commission percentage is 6%. The listing and buyersreal estate agent commission split is usually 3% each. Low commission real estate agents are beginning to show up everywhere.

In most cases it makes most sense to choose to sell your house with an agent, and avoid having a hard time managing sales and coordinating the selling process. You may end up taking a loss greater than the saving of no commission. The best alternative is to use a 1% commission real estate agent to sell your house. At this point in time, more people are taking advantage of the benefits of using a 1 % commission real estate listing to sell their houses.

Advantages of using a 1% real estate agent

A good example of how much a 1% Realtor could save you is a house that sells for $300,000. 1% of this house is $3,000, 6% is $18,000. So by using a 1 percent real estate agent you would save $15,000 on commissions. Plus you will probably get a higher selling price with an agent then if you tried to sell without one.

Don?t lose money using a 5-6% commission agent and real estate broker. They usually charge a high commission to list your house and most times do not provide any additional benefits more than a good 1%commission realtor will give you. 6% realtors will say anything to convince you to pay a the higher listing commission and try to tell you reasons to stay away from selling with a low commission realtor, but you’ll be wasting money and throwing away home equity.

1% Realtors have their fingers on the beat of the current real estate market and will know what similar properties in your area are selling for. They have the assets and knowledge to get the best asking price and attract multiple offers. With access to their brokers MLS and professional marketing channels, their agency relationships will ensure potential buyers are immediately made aware of your home is for sell and available.

Lucky for you there is a broker in Portland Oregon offering 1% listing agreements with all the benefits of a full service agent. And offering a trademarked “24/7 SELLING SYSTEM” with 30 Days of Activity to get your property SOLD.

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