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Press Release

Hylan Dental Care Publishes Guide To Dental Implant Aftercare

Hylan Dental Care in Cleveland, Ohio has announced the publication of a blog post that is designed to give patients information about proper dental implant aftercare. The release is deemed to be the ultimate guide for caring for one’s dental implants.

Dr. Brad Hylan, the owner of the practice, says, “We believe that it is just as important to focus on the aftercare of implants as it is to focus on the implants themselves. We hope that this post will serve as a guide for those who have implants or those who are considering them and are wondering about the proper care for implants once they have been completed.”

Dr. Hylan says that dental implants are a good option for those who are missing a tooth and perhaps do not need nor want traditional dentures. He adds that patients need to understand that the process of getting dental implants requires surgery.

“Many patients think that implants are as easy to put in as dentures,” says Dr. Hylan. “This is not true. Implants require surgery to place them properly, and of course, all surgeries require a bit of aftercare.”

Dr. Hylan adds that dental implants require ongoing maintenance and routine care in order to ensure that they function as they should. He states that keeping them clean is vital in helping the implants to last longer, and adds that the new publication goes over this and other pertinent information for those who have or are considering getting dental implants to replace one or more missing teeth.

The article explains how to clean implants at home, what toothbrush is best, how to floss, and the importance of getting dental implants cleaned professionally from time to time. It also goes over how often the dentist should do maintenance on the implants and specific care that is needed for the first few days after surgery, for the first weeks after surgery, and other information.

Dr. Hylan is revered as the best dental implant dentist serving the Cleveland area by many of his past patients. He states that while dental implants are not new to the dental industry, there are still many patients who do not fully understand what these implants are, how to care for them, or the process needed to get them in the first place.

Dr. Hylan urges any patient in the area who is considering dental implants to read through the new post on the practice’s website and learn more about the dental implant process before scheduling a consultation. He states that his team is happy to answer any questions that patients may have and adds that knowing a bit more about the process could help patients to determine if this is the best dental procedure for their specific needs.

Implants have grown significantly in popularity over the past few years, and many insurance companies are beginning to help patients to offset the cost of this procedure. Dr. Hylan says particularly for those who are considered too young for dentures, dental implants can help them to recover their smiles. He adds that these implants are not age-specific and that anyone who does not want to deal with a missing tooth or who would prefer not to have to have a bridge or denture to replace missing teeth are good candidates for implant surgery.

Dr. Hylan states that there is more to consider for each patient and that a thorough dental examination and consultation with him can help patients to determine if this is the right procedure for their dental health needs.

Those who are interested in learning more about caring for dental implants can visit the practice on their website to learn more. Those looking for “dental implants near me” or anyone in need of dental care can contact the office during their regular business hours to schedule a consultation or visit them online to access their online contact form to schedule an appointment.


For more information about Hylan Dental Care, contact the company here:

Hylan Dental Care
Dr. Brad Hylan
(216) 251-8812
3447 W 117th St, Cleveland, OH 44111

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