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61% of "White-Collar Crime" Involves Someone Within the Organization Acting as the Perpetrator

The industries most likely to experience “white-collar crime” include retail, financial services, and communications, but all businesses are at risk to some degree.

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North York, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2019 -- The industries most likely to experience "white-collar crime" include retail, financial services, and communications, but all businesses are at risk to some degree. In fact, it's been found that in 61% of reported attacks, the perpetrator is someone within the organization. To make matters worse, they often have at least 10 years of service with the company. These "white-collar crimes" can include theft of assets, fraud in the procurement process, cybercrime, accounting fraud, and more.

When it's not someone within the organization, it's still fairly worrisome. A well-known accounting firm recently conducted a survey wherein they found 46% of companies have experienced cybercrime while 36% have experienced consumer fraud. We live in a highly competitive business environment, and unfortunately, virtually all companies are under the constant threat of crime - from terror to vandalism and everything in between.

Where can businesses in the GTA turn for corporate security?

Having the right corporate security measures in place protects organizations, their employees, their technologies, and of course, all of their customer data against internal and external threats. As the number of cyber attacks, intellectual property theft cases, and natural disasters continues to rise, corporate security should be every company's top priority to ensure they're able to mitigate the potential risks and continue functioning at all times.

Northern Force Security, located in Toronto, ON, serves businesses throughout the GTA with corporate security solutions designed to give you peace of mind. They offer a range of services, including access screening wherein they make sure unauthorized individuals aren't able to gain access to your facilities - protecting you from industrial espionage and trade secrets theft.

They also offer guarding of sites for those who have warehouses, logistics facilities, new construction and/or renovation sites, and more - allowing you to protect your property, such as vehicles or tools, against theft while ensuring vandalism doesn't occur and ruin the work you've done. Their professional guards are well trained and able to cooperate with relevant authorities if needed.

If you don't necessarily need a guard but you want to monitor what's happening at your work sites and business locations, they provide CCTV monitoring wherein all activities will be monitored and analyzed as needed. Their professional guards will watch for any sign of disruption or emergency and take the right action towards resolving it. If you're not sure how to respond to security-related issues, they offer crisis planning to help you better understand the right approach.

Lastly, for those who already have security policies and protocols in place, they offer tailored security auditing and consulting wherein they'll review your security policies and protocols to find areas that need improvement. This will help eliminate any vulnerabilities you might've missed.

About Northern Force Security
Northern Force Security, located in Toronto, ON, is a unique security company with a team of former military professionals and anti-terrorism specialists working together to help businesses stay protected with a range of security solutions, including building security, home security, mobile patrol, security guards, and more.

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