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Press Release

Ethos Spa Skin & Laser Center Offers Non-Surgical Lip Augmentation

Ethos Spa, Skin & Laser Center in Summit, New Jersey offers premier non-surgical lip augmentation services. The spa, headed by Dr. Hardik Soni, offers a full range of services to help clients to look and feel their very best.

“Lip augmentation is something that has gained substantially in terms of popularity,” says Dr. Soni. “We take pride in our state of the art treatments, equipment and facility. All of our procedures are done by experienced physicians to ensure that our patients get the results that they desire.”

Dr. Soni states that one of the most popular procedures that the spa does is lip injections. He adds that lip injections are a great alternative to plastic surgery and that they do not require any surgery at all, but produces very similar results. Lip injections are also less expensive than traditional plastic surgery.

“Lip injections or dermal fillers are available at just a fraction of the cost of traditional plastic surgery,” says Dr. Soni. “These injections are very minimally invasive as opposed to plastic surgery, as well. There is no actual surgery involved and the recovery time is must shorter with injections than with actual surgery, and the patient sees about the same results.”

More on the services provided by Ethos Spa can be seen on their official Facebook page at The Facebook page also offers a place for clients to interact and gives updated information about new procedures that are being offered and before and after images of clients for a range of procedures.

Ethos Spa uses only the most updated and modern equipment for all of their treatments and procedures, including the Excel V and Vbeam Perfecta, which is a laser device that is used to eliminate brown spots, acne scars and other skin imperfections. The spa also provides laser procedures for tattoo removal, hair removal and a number of other procedures for a variety of needs.

Dr. Soni states that although they offer a wide range of procedures and treatments, their lip treatments remain one of their most popular. He states that anyone who is looking to achieve fuller lips can use these injections to reach that goal, without the need for surgery. Non-surgical procedures are often the choice of people who do not have the time for a long recovery, as many surgeries can demand. Lip injections have gained in popularity in general in the United States particularly over the last few years as many are finding these filler injections to be a nice alternative to actual surgery.

Dr. Soni gives more information about all of the procedures that they currently offer on the spa’s official Twitter page, which can be accessed at He adds that anyone who would like to stay up to date with any new happenings at the spa can follow them on their Twitter page to receive updated information as it is posted.

Patients of the spa have left glowing reviews about Dr. Soni, his team and the services that they have received. The spa’s Facebook page offers a number of client reviews as does their official website. Those who have questions about lip injections as opposed to plastic surgery or who would simply like more information about any of the services that the spa offers can visit them on their official website for details about each of their procedures and treatments.

New customers can use the website to fill out a contact form for someone at the spa to reach out to them and answer any questions that they may have or to schedule an initial consultation. Dr. Soni states that his team can help clients to determine what their “after” will look like and offer more information about their lip injections, including what the patient may expect in terms of results and recovery time. Contact information for those interested can be found on the spa’s official website, as well as a full list of their current services.


For more information about Ethos Spa, Skin and Laser Center, contact the company here:

Ethos Spa, Skin and Laser Center
Hardik Soni
+1 908-273-5400
89 Summit Ave, Summit, NJ 07901, USA

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